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Agent Smiley- A Short Story

Posted in Short Stories by Danielle on August 13, 2009

I didn’t expect any of this as I walked into the innocent looking high school. I mean it was quiet, too quiet. Yes, I know every single spy movie uses that line but it was way too quiet. Maybe class was in session. I check the rooms and nobody was there. Suddenly as I was walking down the long narrow hallway, a big hole appeared under me and I fell with a thud into an awkwardly small room.

            “State your name please.” Said a feminine voice.

            I shuddered at her sudden appearance. “Uh…Uh…Sari.” I stammered. My teeth clattered sending an echo through the room.

            “Ok. I just wanted to make sure.” Said the feminine voice again.

            I heard her push a button then a curtain lifted, to reveal high tech head quarters of some sort. There were flashing screens and blinking lights, nearly causing me to go blind.

            “Welcome to S.H.Q.” the women stated. She had on a black jumpsuit, complete with ultra stylish utility belt and high heeled combat boots. “I’m Lisa, the head tech at S.HQ.”

            I stared at her for a minute, soaking in the information like a sponge.

            “S.H.Q stands for Spy Head Quarters. We have a base here under Ullman Bridge High.” She said, walking me through the extremely bright HQ. She pushed another button and then another door opened to reveal a huge open space, with a bunch of kids that looked my age engaging in combat and sitting in corners listening to wise-looking teachers talk about who knows what.

            I finally spoke up. “W…w…Why exactly am I here?” I glanced around frantically as Lisa continued to walk through the hall.

            She laughed slightly and smiled at me. “Because……You’ve been chosen to train here at S.H.Q. Your only one of the few teenagers we let into the academy!”

            “Wow….” I mumbled as she came to a stop. She opened the door. “Wow….” I mumbled again. It was exactly like my room with the addition of an extra bed.

            “You know your mom and dad were partners in the S.H.Q high school training program.” She gave me a comforting smile.

            I smiled back as I remembered my mom and dad. My mom and dad had lived in India briefly. There they had me, and then they were killed one night while they were walking home from a party, downtown. Or so that’s what the authorities had said when they had taken me back to the U.S. and raised me. I wanted the whole story. Not some made up tale to keep me from the truth.

            “Lisa?” I asked sitting on the bed closest to the computer and the window. “How did my parents die?”

            “Well…..Your mother and father were sent on a mission in India. They had you then went about their secret agent business. One night when they were walking home a rebel of the S.H.Q intoxicated them with poison.”

            I looked at Lisa; my eyes were beginning to water. She hugged me and I poured tears onto her suit, although they came right off. She gave me another comforting smile then we got up. I wiped my semi-wet eyes.

            “Well come on. You can’t be late for your new student orientation, now can you?” she said. We walked towards the door.

            We walked back through the hallway and into the room that used to be full of students in combat gear. Everyone was just settling in, so I slid into a seat. Unfortunately, that was the seat in-between a gothic looking girl in all black, complete with black hair and hot pink streaks. On the other side was a normal looking guy with extremely tan skin, bushy brown hair, a green striped hoodie and surfer shorts. I gave a weak smile to both of them then sunk down in my seat. Little did I know that I would have to bond with them because they were my new combat buddies.

            “No, NO NO!!” Blackie screamed at me the next day as I attempted a flip kick. Here’s what happened.

            Yesterday after the orientation, Blackie (The Goth girl) and Teddy (the guy in surfer shorts) both turned to me in unison, big smiles pasted on their faces.

            “Hi!” they said in unison. I cringed at their over-the-top perkiness.

            “First of all….” Started Teddy. “Your name is Smiley. Agent Smiley to be exact. My name is Teddy and this is Blackie.” He said gesturing towards the gothic looking girl next to me. “We will be your combat buddies.”

            I stared at him, then at Blackie then back at him again. ‘WHY!!!???’ I screamed in my mind. On my face I let a smile creep up on my cheeks. “Great. When do we start?”

            And that brings you up to speed.

            I sighed as I brought my leg down. In S.H.Q academy flip kicks are what they call “Beginning training”.

            I looked to Teddy, who was in a corner, reading a comic book and snacking on chips, hoping to get some sympathy from him. He caught my gaze and shrugged.

            “OK!” yelled Blackie. “Drill again!” That’s all she did. Scream and yell and yell and scream.

 I sighed with relief when the lunch bell rang. I stared at Teddy, long and hard. “You could have helped me, ya know.” I said simply.

Teddy shrugged. “I can’t interfere with your training sessions. It’s an S.H.Q academy rule.”

After lunch, I felt refreshed and ready to take on anything Blackie threw at me. Little did I know that Blackie would literally be throwing things at me.

“AHHHH!” I screamed as I got hit in the head with a giant stuffed bear that slightly reminded me of Teddy.

“Block the attack! Block! Block!” screamed my combat buddy. She seemed more like my drill sergeant. “Not everything on the field will be soft and stuffed with fluff! Go again!”

This went on for another 3 hours. (Long, painful, agonizing hours!) Then I went to my room. I sighed and fell asleep without eating dinner or meeting my new roommate.

I woke up the next morning, someone unpacking bags. I sat up; my eyes cracked opened and stared at the bed across from mine. The girl looked up at me, and then jumped slightly.

“I’m sorry.” She said quietly. Her skin was a beautiful shade of brown, her hair was dark red.

“No.” I said, rubbing the sleep from my eyes. “It’s ok. I’m Sari.”

“Hi.” She said giving me a soft smile. “I’m Twyla.”

I smiled back and she went back to unpacking. I liked her already and I didn’t even know her.

I and Twila met up with Blackie and Teddy, in the hall outside of Lisa’s head office.

“Hey Smiley.” Teddy greeted me.

I waved. “Hi. Do you know why Lisa wants us?”

Blackie shook her head and shrugged. “Not sure.”

I stared at them for a minute, and then looked to Twyla. “Oh. This is Twyla.” I said gesturing to her. Twyla smiled slightly and kept her mouth shut. Being polite, Blackie and Teddy waved.

Then the door opened with Lisa standing inside the doorway. She was in a black pants suit. “Come in.” she said turning to let us in. We sat in a row of chairs around a large table. Lisa took a seat in the front of the room.

“Welcome to the S.H.Q meeting room.” She said. “You all know each other very well except for agent Mouse. She is a returning student from last year’s graduating class. I have seen your teamwork and have decided to promote you to field agents.

I bounced up and down when Lisa said that, but Teddy pressed my shoulder down, gesturing for me to stop.

“When you are on the field, you act like normal students of Ullman Bridge High. But, I will need you to do extra spying to make sure nothing evil is going on. Got it?”

We all said yes in unison, but my voice sounded like a mouse squeak.

“Any question? None? Alright then.” She said before any of us could respond. She led us into a room, filled to the brim with high tech equipment, from the world’s smallest laptop to 3-D tech glasses. We stopped at the main desk where Lisa already had 4 backpacks all with our name on them. Blackie’s was black and pasted with skulls and bones.

“Sweet.” Said Blackie as she picked up her backpack and lung it over her shoulder.

Mine was blue and it had gold Indian embroidery all over it. I smiled and took my backpack. Teddy’s was a collage of various cartoon characters. Last but not least was Twyla’s pink over the shoulder bag with one of those varsity logos on them.

“In these packs…” Lisa began. “Are obviously text books and notebooks and other school necessities. Along with that there is the top secret agent gear, so that you’re equipped with the right stuff in case an emergency occurs.”

We all rummaged through our bags till we found secret pockets, which looked almost bigger than the bag itself.

Lisa demonstrated and pulled various gadgets and gizmos from her sample pack. “Here is your mini spy computer disguised as an MP3 player.” She said holding up one of those cool looking Zune MP3’s. “A first issue all around spy communicator disguised as a cell phone.” She pulled out a phone that doubled as a text messenger. “Lots of other stuff is in these secret pockets but I can’t show them all to you right now. Ullman Bridge High will open its doors tomorrow at 8:00. Any questions?”

Everyone shook their heads and Lisa looked satisfied. “Good.” She said and she pressed another button. Before we knew it we were back in our rooms.

Twyla looked a little sick. I walked over to where she was sitting on her side of the room. “Hey Mouse.” I said using her agent name. “You ok?”

Twyla pursed her lips and nodded. “I just haven’t been to a real school before. I was raised and I grew up here in S.H.Q. My dad was the head of all operations here, and my mom was his partner in fighting crime. When he died, my mom has been expecting me to rise up in my daddy’s footsteps and become the head of operations as well. I mean, I love this field of work but I just haven’t gotten to be normal for once.”

“Don’t worry.” I said in a comforting tone. “I’ll help you. You’ve got Blackie and Teddy as well.”

Twyla smiled and hugged me. “Thanks, Sari.” She said.

I hugged her back. “No prob.” I said as I got up and head to the bathroom. “I’m going to take a shower and get to bed. You might want some rest as well, rests the nerves.” I said sending her a comforting smile before I disappeared behind the door.

I woke up, yawning the next morning. Twyla was already up when I checked the clock.

“Oh no.” I muttered as I read the time. “7:40.” I rushed out of bed and threw on some of my mom’s old clothes that she had as a teenager. Her whole wardrobe was still here. Luckily, I was almost the same size. I put on her flowy Indian shirt, a pair of jeans with jewels all over it and a newly bought pair of sequined ballet flats. I fixed my hair and was out the door by 7:53. Blackie, in her usual Goth attire, Teddy, in his usual hoodie and surfer shorts, and Twyla, in a mock soccer jersey and soccer shorts, were all waiting for me at the teleport spot. Since, we lived right under the high school, we teleported into the school through the bathroom, thanks to the S.H.Q head tech.

They all waved and shouted as I ran to the girl’s side of the teleport. We teleported into the school. The halls were already filled with students when we walked out the bathroom doors. As If we had pre-rehearsed it, we all took our schedules out of our bags and began to read. Along with this were folders and student ID cards for our aliases we would undergo while we were students at Ullman Bridge High.

“Alexis Kazambe.” Read Twila out loud as she adjusted to her new name.

I looked to her and smiled. Then I read my name. “Kristanya Mackintosh? Who comes up with these names?”

“I shall be called Lacey McHenry from now on.” declared Blackie, as she walked off into the crowd of students sticking out like a sore thumb.

“Wait up, Lacey!” yelled Teddy, as he raced after Blackie. He left us a note, too lazy to say his name out loud. The note read:

Name: Chris Tucker

Posing as Lacey’s boyfriend.

When we read the last line, I and Twi- I mean Alexis burst into laughter. “Let’s see how long he can put up with this.” I said. “Come on. We have a class to get to.”

This is where things get complicated. Like “I-met-the-sweetest-boy-and-he-might-like-me” kind of complicated. I know you might be thinking “Oh gosh. Another teen/spy love story?” but bear with me, because this is way different than anything you have ever read before.

Twila and I walked into our homeroom, unsure of what would happen that day. The teacher looked to us with a stern glare. “Your late.” She sated, sounding as if she’d crush us if we didn’t find a seat within the next 5 seconds.

We rushed to two seats in the back of the room and the teacher took her glare from us to a nerdy looking boy sitting in the front row.

“High School.” She said, over exaggerating. “What does this word mean to you?”

With my acute hearing, I heard a paper slide across my desk. I looked at the teacher who was continuing to lecture the class. A pretty girl in the front raised her hand.

“Did I ask you a question, Ms. Nelson?” she yelled in the girl’s face. I’m pretty sure I could feel the spray from her overly used mouth all the way in the back The girl backed up and shuddered slightly. She shook her head frantically.

“Thank you.” She said backing off the girl and scanning the room for another victim to yell at. “It’s a cold world people. You will not be sheltered by loving arms of your teachers anymore, kiddies. Freshmen mean Fresh meat!”

I could have sworn that her voice turned gargantuan and she started cackling after she said that. Either that or she smiled menacingly.

Anyways, she passed out papers. “Your homework is to fill this sheet out. What you put on here will be held in your permanent record.” I think she did the cackling thing again.

I waited until she went back to the front of the room to open the note.

“Dear girl in the back of the room.” It read in a scraggly handwriting that made it difficult for me to read. “You look like a nice person. Let’s meet near the vending machine during lunch period. From a person you haven’t met yet.”

I searched the room looking for someone who may have sent me this. I pulled out my MP3 disguised as a mini computer and inserted the note into the identification slot. One of the perks of being a teen spy is you can identify the handwriting of a “Secret admirer” without having to find out the hard way. I pulled out the original sheet of paper and a piece of paper printed from the computer. The teacher shot me a devious look so I put the results back in my bag. The bell rang and Twila came up to me.

“I see you got a note.” She said eyeing my bag.

“Yeah. I don’t know who it’s from yet because I didn’t check the results from my MP3.” I said lowering my voice. We walked through the halls and found Blackie and Teddy (aka-Lacey and Chris) Teddy ran down the hall, pulling Blackie along with him.

“Guys!” he said, trying to catch his breath. “Lisa…*cue panting*…found….*cue panting*”

Blackie rolled her eyes. “Migosh. Lisa found something of interest under the school and wants us to check it out.”

Twila’s face lit up. “Coolio. Can we go now?”

I shook my head. “I have to meet someone at the vending machine during lunch period.”

“Whatev.” Said Blackie, shrugging it off. “We’ll fill you in on it later.” She walked back down the hall she came, dragging an awfully tired looking Teddy along with her.

Twila frowned, gave me a hug, then followed behind them, leaving me alone.

A few minutes later I was standing at the vending machine, waiting for my mystery person. I took out the results and studied them closely. Apparently, it was a guy, around my age, played the guitar and struggles terribly in English due to poor handwriting. I watched as a boy walked closer to me, carrying a bunch of books on Shakespeare. I hurried over.

“Here let me help you.” I said, grabbing some of the books.

He smiled. “Thanks. The name’s Miguel by the way.” He put the books down on a nearby table.

“Nice to meet you. I’m Sar-I mean Kristanya.” I said catching myself.

“You must’ve gotten my message. Sorry for being so scrective this morning. Ms. Burrow really has it out for me.”

I nodded. “She seems like she has it out for everybody. Why do you have all these books on Shakespeare?” I asked, although I knew full well why.

“I’m failing English and have to do some extra credit. I was born in Mexico.”

“That’s cool. I was born in India.” As soon as we found something in common the lunch bell rang.

“Well, I gotta go now. Mr. Horowitz will kill me if I don’t get to class.”

“Ok.” I said. I took out a piece of paper and wrote my number on it. “Give me a call sometime.” He took it and put it in his back pocket. “Thanks.”

I waved good-bye as I left the lunch room. There is no way this day could go wrong.

Boy, was I wrong! When I walked into the bathroom and teleported back to S.H.Q a muddy group of familiar looking teens bore they’re eyes into my skull.

“Hey guys.” I said cautiously. “What’s up?”

“Why don’t you check in with Lisa to see what’s up.” Said Blackie, her arms folded and hip cocked.

I cautiously stepped into Lisa’s office. “Hello? My field agent partners told me to see you.”

A voice immediately replied. “I would like to ask….Where were you while your field agent partners were wading in mud, fending off evil minons of the anti-government?”

My gaze turned from the darkness of her office to the floor. “Well, I was meeting with a person from my homeroom class—“ Lisa cut me off.

“Even though you are enrolled in school that doesn’t mean it takes priority over your mission work.”

“Sorry, Lisa.” I said, meekly.

“I’ll let it go this time. Make sure this doesn’t happen again ok?”

“Got it.”

Before I left she hugged me. “Just be careful. I promised your mom I would take good care of you.”

I smiled. “Thanks, Lisa.” I hugged her back. I left and walked back to my room where Twila was drying off her hair.

“Hey.” I said quietly as I made my way over to my side of the room.

Twila looked at me.

“Hey. Lisa gave you a lecture?”

“Naw. She just said to make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

“Who did you have to meet?” she just kept pelting me with questions.

“A guy from homeroom.”

“Just don’t abandon us like that. We really needed you.”

I shrugged and snuggled into my bed.

“Oh and by the way Blackie can hold a real grudge. Teddy is softer so he wasn’t that angry.”

The next morning I walked through the hall. Everyone seemed to be against me. Without me, Blackie became the leader and everyone in the field followed her orders. Then I heard a voice yelling my name. Well my cover name.

“Kris! Kristanya!”

I looked behind me to see Miguel running towards me, holding a thick book titled ‘Old English made easy’

I smiled. “Hey Miguel!”

He caught up to me. “I tried calling you last night.”

My eyes widened. “Uh, yeah. I had a lot going on at home.” I hated even half lying to him.

“Oh. Ok.”

“More English?” I asked eyeing his book.

He sighed. “Yeah. Do you know a lot of English literature?”

I nodded. “How about I help you.”

“We can meet afterschool.”

“Great. I’ll see you later!” I said. I walked into the bathroom, and tried to contact Twila. I texted her.

MissIndian34- Alexis? You there?

MinnieMouseV2- Yeah. Lacey’s real mad at you.

MissIndian34- Check with her to see if we’ve got anything after school. I’ve gotta meet Miguel.

MinnieMouseV2- Some stuff. Meet at the lounge. Mr. Horowitz is staring’ me down. Bye!

I frowned. I really wanted to know more about him. Then I got an idea and texted Miguel.

MissIndian34- Miguel? It’s Kris. I won’t be able to meet you directly after school. I might be late.

I almost put my phone back in my pocket when I felt a vibration.

MrMexico54- Ok. See ya later.

After school I walked to the school lounge where Blackie, Teddy and Twila stood around the hot chocolate machine. Teddy and Twila’s face lit up when they saw me. Teddy ran towards me and consumed me into a big bear hug.

“Krissy! You made it!” I smiled and looked to Twila she gave me a slight smile while Blackie turned the other way. “Let’s get going.” She said walking out the exit door, while the rest of us followed.

In a minute, we were crouched behind the wall that was guarding the anti-government base. Blackie had scouted the area, a few minutes before to see if anyone was around. My plaid skirt was riding up on me. We were disguised as a group of private school kids, on a school field trip. Our ‘chaperones’ were on a lunch break. The building was disguised as a town museum “filled to the brim with local history” as quoted on the brochure. Blackie stood up and walked from behind the wall and onto the “Museum” grounds. We followed behind and made fake chatter as we strolled into the lobby.

“I know, right?” I said in my snobbiest voice as I flopped into a chair.

Twila flipped her hair and smacked her gum. She leaned against the wall and planted a listening device. She looked over at Blackie who was talking to the head docent. She turned her head and Twila tapped her watch which doubled as a “Pick-a-lock” It was our signal to say we had planted the listening device.

“Thanks.” She said to the docent. “But we’ll have to get a tour another time. Our chaperons are probably outside ready to yell at us.”

Teddy chuckled as he read a comic book

“Come on guys. Our social studies teacher is probably waiting for us.”

Twila and I ‘gossiped’ as we walked out the door with Teddy trailing behind. As soon as we got in the car, I hopped into the back and changed, for my study date with Miguel. We pulled up to the library, and I got out. Miguel smiled as I walked towards him.

“Hey Kris!” he said as he walked up to me. “You are way later then I expected. The library closed already.”

I looked from Miguel to the dark, eerie looking library. I blushed.

“Oh. Whoops. Sorry about that.”

“It’s ok. We can go to my house. Let me call my mom to see if we can get a ride.”

While he called his mom, I pulled my phone out.

“Twi? You there?” I spoke into the microphone.

“Hey. Aren’t you at the library?” she asked with suspicion.

“Actually, the library’s closed and we’re going to his house.”

“Where’s that?” she asked.

“You’re a super spy. Figure it out yourself.” I hissed into the phone before Miguel turned back to me.

“My mom’s gonna be here in a few minutes. We can get in a little old English before then.”

“Of course. I said as we began combing through his seeming less, countless books.

When we got to his house we walked up the stairs and into his room. I smiled at the many posters covering his walls.

“These are nice.” I said looking at the candy skulls on his desk.

“That was for Dios de los Muertos.” He said with a strong Mexican accent. “Day of the Dead.”

I took a seat on his bead, and he brought his guitar and played a few chords, then went into full song.

“What’s up with me?” he began to sing. “Why can’t I tell her how I feel? Beautiful. Independent. Out of the ordinary. Little Miss Indian.” He looked into my eyes, and I looked back, before we knew it I was engulfed in the aroma of his hot, spicy taco scent, mixed with my peppermint lotion I had put on this morning. The grip on his guitar loosened as we cherished the luxury of our lips touching, our hearts beating, and our feelings for each other grow. Little did I know I was kissing the lips of the enemy.

I woke up the next morning, light and fluttery, literally on cloud nine. I was too busy with my daydreams of Miguel and I kissing over and over to notice the alarm that screamed “Security Breech! Security Breech!” I sat bolt up in my bed when I finally recognized the sound. I looked over expecting to see Twila’s encouraging smile but she wasn’t there. I hopped out of bed and rushed down the hole, and into Blackie’s room. She wasn’t there. Teddy? He was M.I.A as well.

“This can’t be good.” I murmured to myself as I walked from Teddy’s room and into Lisa’s head office. There I saw my best friends and my head mentor, tied up and gagged. Next to them was the leader of the anti-government, Rico Tablia. Beside him was…. “Miguel?” I yelled. I rushed over to him but Rico’s goons held me back.

“Ahahahahaha!” Rico cackled, his menacing voice echoling harshly. “Looks like I’ve found your weakness, Agent Smiley.” He said, using my code name. “Just to inform you, little Miguel here is my son, and soon he will follow in my footsteps and become the next leader of the anti-government!” he declared then cackled again.

The girl in me wanted to burst into tears, on the inside I was hurt and devastated at the lies he told me. The super spy on the outside told me to wipe away my emotions no matter how devastated I was. I took deep breath and did a flip kick on one guard holding me. I slammed the second one to the ground and soon after that more goons came after me. I kicked, I chopped, I even used my hair band as a lethal weapon until all of them were down. I ran towards my teammates and Lisa. I pulled out my mirror which doubled as a swiss army knife and cut the ropes and gags and soon they were all up on their feet.

“Good work, Agent Smiley.” Teddy said.

He made me smile. Then the Anti-government overlord walked towards the door. “Let us leave you two alone to talk stuff out. You agents can battle me on your own. You’ve got enough experience.”

My field partners and my mentor ran after him leaving me and Migeul alone.

I walked up to him. “Why’d you lie?”

“Why’d YOU lie?” he repeated.

“What was I supposed to say? Hi! My name is Saritoshi and I’m a secret agent working undercover?” I sighed. “I’m sorry.”

“No, I’m sorry. I should’ve told you the truth.”

“You know I would’ve liked you even if you told me you were the son of my enemy.”

Miguel smiled and we hugged. We let got then walked outside to see Teddy, Blackie, and Twila beating up, well, Miguel’s father.

“Good work, Agents.” Said Lisa, completely satisfied with herself.

The police agents came and handcuffed him.

“What are you going to do now?” I asked Miguel.

“I’ll stay with my mom. You can always come over.” He said.

The police came up and told him they would need to interrogate him.

“I’ll get you out.” I said as a smile spread across my face.

Agent Smiley, Sari, out.


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