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Agent Smiley Returns

Posted in Short Stories by Danielle on August 18, 2009

This story is not yet finished but I thought you would like to see a little bit of it.


I leaned back in my chair in the conference room in the S.H.Q meeting room. Lisa was blabbering about something. I nearly dozed off twice. It was Saturday morning. Weren’t those meant for sleeping in and watching Saturday morning cartoons? I’m Saritoshi as you may know, from my recent adventure in which I was able to gain a decent sense of normality in going to Ullman Bridge High School, gain a boyfriend(Only every girls dream!) and kick the butt of the anti-government(only every super spy’s dream!) so I was living large.

“Sari!” Teddy whispered. He was the cuddly bear of our spy group; I could always go to him for everything. “Are you listening?”

I nodded. “Yeah, yeah.” I said, trying to get him off my case.

Teddy rolled his eyes but didn’t let up. “We’re going to Tokyo for our next mission.”

“What?” I screamed as I bolted up in my chair, which obviously disturbed the rest of the crew and Lisa.

Blackie, resident Goth girl of our spy group, narrowed her eyes at me, obviously annoyed at my lateness. Twila, The quietest and maybe smartest girl in our group, just stared her huge mouse eyes at me, with a look that said. ‘Don’t want to be rude but what is wrong with you?’ Lisa switched her gaze from the board to me.

“Agent Smiley. Have you been listening to a word I have been saying?” she asked.

I shook my head. “No.”

“I guess I will have to repeat this whole conversation all over again for your benefit.”

The rest of my team stared me, obviously not wanting to hear this whole thing all over again.

“Next week, we are going on a trip to Japan. Your mission is to keep Master Katsumi and Mistress Takara Ikeda safe and occupied. Their mother and father are going to be away on some business with the CSI. They are the highest in Japanese homeland protection. We have deep ties with the Ikeda family so please don’t mess this up. Any questions? Ok. Here are folders with the information on the Ikeda family. You will need to study them because you will need all the information you can get when you go there.” She said, sliding down folders.

Inside them were pictures of Katsumi, Takara and their parents. Along with personal profiles on their likes dislikes, past history and looks on the future. I read Katsumi’s first. There was a picture of him holding up a Pokémon figurine. He looked about 10 years old. He still had a love for Pokémon and never left without a Pokémon sticker on his wrist. Next was Takara’s. The picture showed her smiling happily with a bunch of friends in what seemed to be a town square. She was an extremely cheery social butterfly who had an obsession with a character from a popular anime ‘Ouran High School Host Club’. I closed the folder.

“Now please go pack and say your goodbye’s people. We’re heading out first thing in the morning on Thursday.” Said Lisa, pushing a button. Soon, we were back in our rooms.

Twila lay on her bed, staring at the picture of Katsumi. I stared at her for a minute, while she read over his profile. Twila sighed. “Isn’t he the most adorable thing on Earth?” she asked, sighing again.

I smiled and pulled out a picture of me and Miguel at the renaissance fair. “I don’t think we’re supposed to fall in love with our client’s, Mouse.” I said.

Twila sighed again. “I know, but when you look at him, you just can’t tear your eyes away.”

I stared at her again. “I certainly can, Blackie can and Teddy can. It’s just you.”

She sighed again and I gave up. I called Miguel and took a seat in the computer chair.

“Hey novia.” He said using the Spanish word for girlfriend.

“Hey Miguel.”

“What’s up?”

“I have to go to Japan for some ‘business.” I said, putting an emphasis on the word business.

“Oooooh….. When are you going to be back? Oh! And you know we have that huge English test next week right?”

I gasped. “Ohmigosh. We do. Darn it! Stupid ‘business’. Well you’ll just have to cope a whole week without me.”

“A whole week? Without you? I’m going to die!” he said laughing a little.

I smiled. “No you won’t. You’ll be fine. I’ll call you every day, ok?”

“Got it, chica. What exactly is going to be your ‘business’ in Japan anyways?”

“We have to protect and entertain these two kids whose parents are deeply involved with the S.H.Q.”

“Ok. Don’t forget to bring back souvenirs. They have the coolest stuff in Tokyo!”

“Ok, Ok. Talk to you later.” I said, hanging up.

When I hung up, Twila was gone. I searched the remains of our room and didn’t find anything. I walked out of our room and passed by the copy room, then backtracked. She was not doing what I thought she was doing.

“Mouse. What exactly are you doing?” I asked, eyeing the tons of pictures of Katsumi that were exiting the copy machine.

“A million Katsumi’s is better than one!” she said cheerfully.

I shook my head and dragged her back to the room.

“But I haven’t gotten my original copy back from the copy machine!” she yelled.

This slight crush was turning into a full on obsession. “Please. Promise that when we get to Japan that you don’t go full on nuts over Katsumi, ok? This obsessive thing is scaring me.”

She frowned. “Alright.”

Someone knocked on the door but barged in without even letting us say come in. Guess super spies don’t have time for common courtesy. It was Blackie and Teddy.

“Hey guys.” I said, switching my gaze from Twila to our field buddies.

Blackie held up the millions of pictures that we had left in the copy room and slapped them onto Twila’s bed. “We obviously have a problem.” She said, simply.

Teddy just gave Twila a big smile and a comforting hug. The usual.

Suddenly my phone rang. It was the Mission Impossible theme. I set that one so that I know when Lisa calls. “Hello?”

“Would you all please come to my office for a special farewell dinner.” She said, more like an order then a question. Then she hung up immediately.

“Come on, everyone! Into Lisa’s office we go!” I said, getting up and walking out with Blackie, Twila and Teddy trailing behind.

Then the fateful day came, that fateful Thursday morning where we left for Japan. The fateful morning where I would have to leave Miguel and Ullman Bridge High for a whole week! How were they expecting us to cope with that? I without Miguel, Teddy and Blackie without their freaky Goth/ geek friends and Twila without her sport nerds was completely unimaginable! I sighed as I got up. As usual, I got dressed in some of my mom’s old clothes. A purple and gold t-shirt, with a cashmere skirt and ballet flats fit today’s events. Twila was still asleep (probably dreaming of Katsumi.) so I woke her up, partly because she did need to get up and partly because I didn’t need her having another Katsumi dream. She groaned as she woke up, obviously not happy with me waking her up.

“Hello, Sari. How are you?” she said, getting up and walking into the bath room to wash her face.

“I’m fine.” I responded, picking up the remainders and stuffed them into my backpack, which I was taking on the plane.

A few minutes later, all of us had gathered our stuff into the trunks of the cars and we were in the cars ready to go to the airport. On the way, I was avidly texting Miguel, Twila was staring at the picture I lent her of Katsumi (ugh….); Blackie and Teddy were just talking.

As soon as we got to our seats and were midway in the air, I finally talked to Twila after about 3 straight hours of texting Miguel. “So…How do you think Japan will be?”

“Amazing. It’s so exotic and different. Different from America anyways.”

Suddenly, Blackie popped in. “We’re not here to sight see or daydream about boys.” She said giving Twila a cold hard stare. “We are here on a mission and we can’t get side tracked. If we fail with this Lisa might never trust us on an overseas mission again.”

Twila sighed. “All right. Now stop getting on my case, geez.” She said, sinking down in her seat.

A flight attendant came by. “Pretzels or peanuts?” she asked.

“Peanuts.” I said and she gave me two bags of Peanuts.

It took Twila nearly twenty minutes to decide whether she wanted Pretzels or Peanuts. “Would Katsumi like Pretzels? Or Peanuts?” she kept on asking herself.

“Ohmigosh. Mouse, would you pick something already!” I said, slightly irritated.

“Can I have one of both?” she asked and the lady gave her a bag of peanuts and pretzels.

As soon as we arrived, two limos waited for us outside. A chauffer opened the door and we slid inside. On the other side of the limo were Katsumi, Takara, and the Ikeda parents.

“Welcome to Tokyo. I’m Arisu and this is my husband Isao. We are so glad that our company chose the greatest group of spies to protect our kids while we’re gone.” She said.

I looked up from my phone in mid-text and smiled. “No problem. My name is Sari. This is Twila.” I said gesturing to Twila, whose eyes were fixed onto Katsumi. She waved. “And this is Daniel and Bailey.” I said using their real names. “But you can just call them Teddy and Blackie.” I said, quickly.

Arisu nodded. “Nice to meet all of you. I left a list of things the kids like….”

Takara rolled her eyes. “Mom…We’re not kids and we don’t need a baby sitter.”

Katsumi nodded. “More like babysitters.”

Twila sighed and I tried to keep my cool. Blackie looked like she was going to pound both of them till they were nothing but flesh, while Teddy rested a comforting hand on her shoulder.

“I mean, asking a bunch of adolescents to watch a pair of adolescents. That’s not even smart.”  Continued Takara. “Even if they are spies don’t they have hormones too? That one seems to be obsessed with Sumi-kun already.” She said, nodding towards Twila who was in a trance watching Katsumi play a Pokémon game on his Nintendo DS.

Arisu stared at Takara. “Takara. That is no way to talk about your new guardians. Now this group of young spies comes highly recommended and they are trained in case of an emergency.”

Takara rolled her eyes. “Whatever…”

Once we got to the Ikeda house, we all piled out of the car. “Take good care.” Said Arisu, giving each of her children a peck on the cheek. “Have fun.” She said and the car drove away.

Takara and Katsumi charged inside and we followed behind, our backs weighed down by our bags.

“I will show you to your rooms.” Said one of the house keepers and led us upstairs to the guest rooms.

Mine had a pink and blue theme, with a mirror and a desk. I set down my laptop and my phone on the desk. It felt weird not having Twila in the same room as me. I set down my stuff and hovered downstairs where Takara was watching anime and Katsumi continued to play his game.

“So, guys. What is there to do around here? I’ve heard that Tokyo has a super cool shopping district.” I suggested.

“Stop trying to act interested and leave us alone. We’re fine by ourselves.” Said Takara, shooing me away.

I frowned then wandered into the enormous kitchen and found a note.

To the spies

My name is Isao. I am the father of my wonderful children. Takara is a social butterfly but tends to watch over Katsumi too often. They have become shut ins.  I would love it if you could show them a good time. They haven’t had a good day in a while.

From Isao Ikeda.

I smiled and folded back up the note and stuck it in the pocket of my skirt to show the rest of the crew. I ran up the stairs and into Twila’s room in which they had congregated.

“Oh hey Sari. How’d it go with the Ikeda kids?” said Blackie, lounging back in the desk chair.

Twila threw a pillow at her. “I will refuse to let you call Sumi-Chan an Ikeda kid.” She said.

I sat next to Teddy. “Not so good, but I found a note from Isao. It says he wants us to show them a good time and that Takara tends to watch over Katsumi too often.”

Twila jumped up. “I’ll watch over Sumi-Chan!” she yelled.

I rolled my eyes. “You and teddy will go with Katsumi while Blackie and I will try to break Takara’s hard outer shell, ok?”

They all nodded and we went into our battle stations.

“Why did you drag me out here? I demand you take me back home!” shrieked Takara, once we reached downtown Tokyo.

“Shhhhh!” Blackie hissed. “Not so loud. Stop trying to make us look like we’re taking you as a hostage.”

“Well, that is kind of my point.” She said, with her signature eye roll. “And where’s Sumi-kun?” she said, referring to Katsumi. “He needs to be here with me. Where did you all take him?”

“Twila and Teddy are with him. He’s going to be fine.” I reassured her. “Now are you ready to go have some fun? To that anime cosplay shop!” I said dragging her into the store.

Once we got in we looked around, everything was labeled from which anime it was from. You would never believe how much anime there is. I was kind of over whelmed actually. Anyways, we shoved Takara into a dressing room and went to pick out a costume. I wandered into the Tokyo Mew Mew section until Blackie shoved me into the Ouran section.

“Ow.” I said. “Must you be so hard?” Blackie gave me a long hard stare then turned my head towards a costume. “Ohmy. It comes with the wig and everything!” I said, pulling it down from the rack. Blackie nodded and we threw it into Takara’s dressing room. “Try it on!” we yelled.

“OHMIGOSH!!! You expect me to try this on?” she shrieked.

“Yes we do!”

“With this stupid wig?”


“Fine. One moment please.”

Blackie and I gave each other triumphant smiles and a high five.

“Do you think this is what he meant by good time?”

I shrugged. “Whatever suits their taste? She’s obsessed with this character to let’s let her enjoy this moment alright?”

Blackie nodded. “Yeah.” Then she turned to Takara’s dressing room curtain. “You done yet?” she yelled.

“Almost!” Takara yelled back. “But is this wig really necessary?”

I looked to Blackie and she shook her head. “Not really! You wanna put the wig back?” I asked.

“Take back this furry thing.” She said, throwing the blonde wig over the dressing room curtain.

I put it back into the Ouran Section. “You ready?” I asked.

Takara hopped out, in full Ouran High School uniform attire, complete with the tie, the jacket and the black dress shoes. Blackie and I clapped hysterically and cheered. Takara beamed and stage one of Mission Break Takara’s Shell was completed.

“Hey, Guys! Check this out!” yelled Takara as she ran over to a store window. We followed after her in our Ouran High School girl’s uniforms.

“Man, this stupid dress is hard to run in.” mumbled Blackie.

We all pressed our faces against the window. “Oooooooo…..” we said in unison.  All of us raced into the store, and tried to get to the item first. I tripped over my dress and Takara ran ahead. “Not fair.” I said, banging the floor. Blackie attacked Takara to the floor allowing me to get up quietly and reach for the item until Blackie brought me down to the floor too! I tried not to scream. Takara looked like she was going to beat the living daylights out of Blackie. Blackie looked triumphant and held the item in the air proudly, then skipped her way over to the cashier, who was slightly freighted by our earlier behavior. Once Blackie paid for the item, she helped us off the floor.

“Too slow, ladies!” she said, with a mischievous smile.

Takara frowned and brushed off her uniform. “Can we at least share it?” she said reaching for it.

“Yeah.” I agreed, reaching for it as well.

Blackie thought for a minute. “Maybe. But, we have more things to do.” She said, taking both of us and dragging us out of the store.

Once we got home we flopped onto the luxurious couches that only the Ikeda family could afford. Twila and Teddy heard us come in and they rushed downstairs, with Katsumi trailing behind. Twila was holding a firm grip on his hand and it looked like she hadn’t let go in a while.

“Sari, Blackie, Takara! Your back and what is with those outfits?” said Twila eyeing our Cosplay costumes.

“We got a little carried away at the Cosplay shop.” Blackie said, simply. Then we all laughed.

Teddy, Twila and Katsumi gave each other weird looks and shrugged. Katsumi dragged Twila over to where we had dropped our bags and looked through them.

“You guys did a lot of shopping, huh?” he said, looking over at Takara.

Takara nodded. “It was the most fun I have had in a long time.”

Blackie and I gave each other weak smiles and high fives. Takara’s hard outer shell had been broken, thanks to the Tokyo Anime Shopping District, and careful guiding by Blackie, of course.

“Sumi-Chan!” yelled Twila, as she ran through the huge halls of the Ikeda house.

I groaned, got up and walked over to Twila, not caring that I was in my father’s pajama pants and my over-sized Pretty Pink Girls Club t-shirt. I rested my hands on her shoulders.

“What’s up?” I asked, slightly irritated.

“I want to see Sumi-Chan but I can’t seem to find him.”

Takara came out of her Ouran covered room. “He probably went out for a walk. He does that in the early morning. He should be back soon though.” She said.

Twila gasped. “We’re supposed to protect him! He can’t go out alone! He had a fun time last night! Doesn’t he know he needs us?”

Takara shrugged. “He always comes back alive so I wouldn’t worry.” She said walking back downstairs and into the kitchen.

Twila followed after her. “I want to know more about him!” she yelled, hopping down the stairs.

I rolled my eyes and went back into my room. I then realized I hadn’t called Miguel last night. I was too wiped out from our Anime district shopping spree to remember that I told him I would call every day. But we texted half of the day so would that count? I sighed. Would he expect me to call or not really care? Why was this so hard? I suddenly heard the door open. I walked down the stairs to an ugly scene of Twila glomping Katsumi.

“Sumi-chan!” she screamed, hugging him and obviously not ready to let go yet.

Blackie appeared beside me in full Goth attire. I jumped slightly. She walked over and pulled Twila off of Katsumi, nearly choking him. Katsumi fell onto the couch in a massive heap of flesh. Twila decided not to jump on him. I walked into the living room, Teddy following behind. Takara flopped next to Katsumi. My agent team came to the front.

“We have all decided that we are taking you guys….” Started Blackie.

“TO THE BEACH!” we all said in unison, plus jazz hands.

Takara and Katsumi continued to look unfazed. Takara got up. “That sounds fun. Come on Katsumi, Let’s go get our swimsuits on.” She said, dragging Katsumi’s lifeless heap of flesh up the stairs.

About an hour later, all of our stuff had been gathered into the car and everyone was in their bathing suits, we loaded up and headed out to the beach nearest to Tokyo, which wasn’t too far. We got one of the chauffeurs to drive us there. As soon as we reached Kamakura beach we hopped out of the car and found shady spots near the ocean. I set down our beach towels and sprayed on everyone’s sunscreen. Blackie, Teddy and I stayed behind while Twyla, Katsumi and Takara played in the water. I smiled. Everyone looked so happy. Was I happy? Well, I guess, who wouldn’t be? I’m at the beach with my best friends and not to mention new friends. The only thing missing was Miguel. I sighed. It was only the second day and I missed him already? Wow, the right guy can have a huge impact on you. I stared out at the ocean. I guess being a super spy pays off after all. If you exclude the parts about being away from your boyfriend for short periods of time and missing tons of school. That reminds me. What had the S.H.Q done about our school work and missed days anyway? Knowing them they probably sent in replacements to not arouse suspicion. Teddy looked to me and smiled.

“Let’s go get some ice cream. They will defiantly be tired after jumping around in that water all day.” I nodded and got up. We told Blackie to stay where she was and we went to the nearest ice cream stand.

He leaned up against the bar as I ordered the ice cream. Teddy gazed slightly over at Blackie, her pale Goth skin probably burning from the over sun exposure. He sighed.

“Hey Sari.” He said, tapping me on the shoulder. “What do you think Blackie thinks of me?” he asked his eyes wide with concern.

I stared up at him. What would a girl not think of him? I mean, he’s a huge teddy bear. Most girls I know adore the hug marshmallow types and who wouldn’t kill to see a guy in swim trunks. I almost barfed. EW! Teddy was like my big brother. I sighed and looked out Blackie. “Why do you ask?” I said, grabbing the ice cream cones. I handed some to Teddy so that he could carry them.

He shrugged. “I’m getting mixed signals, ya know. I mean, you’re a girl, so I would think you would know.”

I smiled. “Don’t worry. She’ll come around.”

Once we walked back to the beach towels, Takara, Katsumi and Twila were nearly sleeping. Twila laughed dryly.

“That was fun…Wasn’t it Sumi-Chan?” she said, looking to Katsumi who was sitting next her.

He nodded and pulled out his sheet of Pokémon stickers from Takara’s beach bag, put one on himself and gave Twila one. Twila beamed, and I could see from her face that she was going to scream any second. I handed them their Ice cream and they licked away. It was our turn to jump into the water and let Takara, Katsumi and Twila watch our beach towels.

“Wow.” was all we could say once we got back to the Ikeda house that night. Everyone hopped up the stairs, except for Blackie and Teddy who stayed behind. I smiled and hopped up the stairs. Twila was making racket in Katsumi’s room, turning up the sound on Katsumi’s DS all the way up, so that she could hear everything that was going on the game. Takara was on the phone, talking to what sounded like her parents. I walked into my room and sat down in the chair, my black hair still wet from all the running and swimming around in the water I did that day. Then I texted Miguel.

MissIndian34- Miguel? You there?

It took a few minutes for him to respond but I expected that. I mean, we were in Japan after all.

MrMexico54- Sari! What’s up?

MissIndian34- Were you expecting me to call last night?

MrMexico54- No, not really. We texted half of the day anyways. ^-^

MissIndian34- So are you going to ask me about what I did today?

MrMexico34- Oh, right. A good boyfriend does that right?

MissIndian34- Yep. Anyways, we went to the beach today…

MrMexico54- Without me?

MissIndian34- What??  Anyways, Teddy asked me what I thought Blackie thought of him, I wasn’t exactly sure and he was all ‘I mean, you’re a girl so I thought you would know. I’m getting mixed signs, ya know?’ I just nodded and said ‘It’ll all work out.’ because I wasn’t exactly sure what to say. I mean, Teddy and Blackie are both my friends, the first people I met in S.H.Q…. Besides Lisa that is.

MrMexico54-*nods* Ah….

MissIndian34- They’re both downstairs so I hope things work out.

MrMexico54- It should. I gotta go now, my mom’s calling me and she’s always yelling at me for texting at the table.

MissIndian34- lol. OK.

I closed my phone and walked downstairs.

“Teddy, I…”

I heard.  I stayed close to the steps, to avoid being seen. I really hated spying on my friends but it was for their own good. Or was it?

“I know in school we pose as a couple. Posing, pretending that’s fun but….I really don’t think….I like you that way.”

I gasped, and then put my hand over my mouth. There was a whole lot of silence then Teddy finally spoke.

“Oh. Oh ok. Sorry, If I was…You know…Putting you in an awkward position….I just want to let you know, I really like you and I would be ok with it if you just wanted to be friends.” Said Teddy and he marched towards the steps.

I gasped again then swiftly jumped behind a nearby table and watched him pass. I looked above the rim and saw Blackie as she sat on the couch and made a face which looked like she was thinking. Before Teddy made it up the stairs, she ran after him pulled him around and forcefully kissed him. I tried not to gasp again and really felt like I was invading some private matter. My spy sense forced me to continue and watch. Teddy smiled, pulled away, and then walked back up the stairs.

“‘Night Blackie.” He said, with another smile and walked into his room.

Blackie waved and turned around, her face was as red as a tomato, considering her horribly pale skin. I tried not to laugh. I mean, Blackie was so serious. I wouldn’t expect such an impulsive move from her. Now here was the really problem, how was I going to get away? Blackie was still here and I wasn’t sure if Teddy was in his room yet. Argh!

Possible Situations

a)      Me: *walks out of hiding spot*

Blackie: S…Sari? What were you doing behind the table?

Me: I uh…My phone fell back there and I was going to find it…Here it is! *laughs a bit*

Blackie: *laughs a bit* Alright. Good Night.

That doesn’t sound too bad….If I get past Blackie what will happen if I run into Teddy?

A:b) Teddy: Sari? Were you downstairs just now?

Sari: What? No…of course not.

Teddy: Then why were you just walking up the stairs?

Sari: I was actually looking for my cell…

Teddy: Right, right.

Sari: Well, I’ll see you later

Teddy: Right, right.

Wouldn’t that be slightly awkward? I shrugged. Worth a shot. I walked out from behind the table. Blackie turned even redder.

“S…Sari? What were you doing?” she asked.

“Uh….Looking for my cell….He he…Here it is!” I said pulling it from my back pocket.

Blackie looked suspiciously to me. “You didn’t just see what happened?”

I shook my head. “What? What happened?” I said, trying to sound as innocent as possible.

Blackie smiled. “Never mind.  Good night, Sari.” She said, walking up the steps.

I breathed a breath of relief and walked behind her. I was so glad she didn’t suspect anything. Before, I was able to walk into my room; Katsumi came outside and grabbed me.

“Katsumi! What was that for?” I said, wiggling out of his grip. He didn’t say anything but wrote it down on a piece of paper.

What’s up with Twi-chan? I can’t seem to shake her off of me.

“She likes you, Katsumi. Haven’t you noticed it?” I said, with a smile then got up. I always sucked into the relationship problems don’t I? But two people coming to me in one day? That’s just nuts!! Katsumi stared at me like I was crazy, then turned red. He pulled me back down next to him.

I heard you have a boyfriend. What’s it like, you know…being in a relationship?


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