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The Life of a Teenage Gifted Celebrity-Part 1

Posted in Short Stories by Danielle on August 26, 2009

Ricci Monavista, daughter of Christopher Monavista, sat on her desk looking across the room at her monkey, Spazz who was chattering loudly.
Ricci was, on the outside, a normal teenage girl. She had two brothers, one younger and one older than her. She was a middle child. If you dig deeper into her second life, she’s basically a celebrity. She’s the daughter of Christopher Monavista, the founder and director of Monavista Records. The record company had contracts with Riri, The Beat Boys, and Sunray, the hottest names in music today. Her dad has made some pretty big appearances taking Ricci along with him. Now everyone knows her name. She had hung out with Riri a couple of times, but they weren’t best friends. Now she was the next big teenage celebrity. Now there’s a deeper life inside of her ordinary/ celebrity life. Ricci was a gifted. She had the powers of controlling weather and fire. She could also talk to her monkey and understand her way of communication. Her mom had noticed that she had been a gifted go she immediately signed her up for a couple years at Angelo’s school for the Gifted. She was supposed to leave tomorrow but she didn’t bother pack. Ricci was the only abnormal one in the family but her brothers understood. James, Ricci’s younger brother, rushed in her cluttered, junky room and tripped over an overdue library book. He fell and started to cry.
“”Ugh. Not again.””She mumbled to herself.
Her brother was always running and tripping over things. Then Elijah, her older brother heard the crying and rushed in to comfort James. When he stopped crying he immediately ran out the door.
“”Hey Ric. How are you?” Elijah asked, eyeing her empty suitcase.
“”Fine. I guess.” She said, gloom over shadowing her usual perky voice.
“”You gonna start packing?”  he asked, cautiously.
“”I can help, if you want.” He offered.
“”It’s ok, Eli.””
“”Ok.”  He said, leaving the room, nearly tripping over one of Ricci’s 30 pairs of converse.
Ricci reached towards her pink and purple monogrammed Monavista suitcase. ‘Ricci, my only sunshine.’ It said on the front. Her dad had gotten it for her last Christmas when he decided to start a designer line of clothing, purses, shoes etc. Looking at that, Ricci remembered the days when her dad wasn’t a superstar. She reached for her closet door and opened it. It was as messy as her bedroom floor. She reached for her Daddy’s Girl tee, jeans, pink converse, purple monavista flip flops, cherry hoodie, tan khakis and other articles of clothing. She stretched towards her monkey’s cage then heard a knock on her door.
“”Hey Eli. Wazzup?” she asked her voice a lot perkier than before.
“”Mom said you should start getting ready for bed.””
“”Got it.”
Their mom, Mrs. Jaclyn Monavista, wanted nothing to do with the record company or the clothing line. The Monavista family now lived in North Dakota. Before, their family lived in Hollywood, California, where Christopher Monavista chose to go into the music industry. After that she left, to keep her kids away from the paparazzi and the press and settled down here.
Elijah walked out and into his room across the hall. Meanwhile, Ricci dug into her sky blue messenger bag and brought out her rhinestone covered Monavista exclusive side kick and texted her friends, Gabriella (aka: Gabby) and Georgia (aka: Georgie).
Ricci: Gab? Georgie? Ya there?
Georgia: Yeah, but Gab’s knocked out.
Ricci: Ok. I’ve got to leave tomorrow for ASG
Georgia: We’ll miss you. =(
Ricci: I’ll miss you too. =( x2
Georgia: Bye!
Ricci: Bye!
Then she clicked off her Sidekick and put it back in her bag.


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