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The Life Of A Teenage Gifted Celebrity- Part 2

Posted in Short Stories by Danielle on August 26, 2009

Ricci woke up to her dark skin being toasted by the late afternoon sun. She sat up and rubbed her caramel brown eyes. She walked out of her room and into the bathroom she shared with Elijah. She stepped into the shower and washed her short and spiky neon blue hair. Then she shuffled downstairs in her tony the tiger robe with matching tiger print Monavista slippers. (Her dad was always getting her monavista merchandise.) Little James toddled over to the tired Ricci and squeezed her. He let go the sat back in his chair.
“”Good morning Ricci. How are you feeling?”  her mom said.
“”Ok. I guess.””
“”You’re going to need your energy for later.””
“”I know. I know.””
Ricci grabbed a piece of bread and put in the toaster. She turned on the TV.
“”Good Morning, viewers. We’re here with your favorite show…..””
“”The New Scoop!””
“”And your host?””
“”John Greenbell!””
Ricci laughed at corny shows like this. What is the point?
“”Today on New Scoop, Fashion and Music Industry superstar, Chris Monavista, considering his daughter, Ricci Monavista, to be a model for his clothing line? Let’s roll the tape.””
Ricci sat on the couch with her mouth completely open. Elijah came in and closed her mouth.
“”What’s the matter, Ric?” he said with concern in his voice.
Ricci rewinded the clip to the beginning of the show. His mouth dropped open as well.
“”Ma! You might wanna come look at this!” yelled Elijah from the living room.
Ricci rewinded the show for the second time in a row.
“”Uh, uh. No. I am not going to let my 16 year old daughter be a model.” She murmured to herself as she ran into the kitchen to get the house phone.
Ricci walked up the stairs and changed into her white tank, cherry hoodie, tan khakis and pink converse. She took her suitcase, messenger bag and her monkey cage.
Elijah, James, and Mom all came outside. They waved and Ricci waved back. Then in the blink of an eye, she was on top of a dark storm cloud sleeping, dreaming.


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