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The Life Of A Teenage Gifted Celebrity- Part 3/Part 4

Posted in Short Stories by Danielle on August 26, 2009

Ok. Yes. I originally did write this story in parts and that is why I am posting this story in parts. Now, ONTO THE STORY!!!


Ricci felt a bump and she got up. She looked through the thick mass of clouds and saw a big mansion/ castle type looking structure. Yep. That was her stop. In the blink of an eye she was back on earth with her suitcase and messenger bag she rolled into the massive building. She went directly to the front office. She was soon face with a cheery lady, with rosy cheeks.
“”Name, and gifts please.” she said all too cheerfully.
“”Ricci Monavista, Weather and Fire.””
“”Okay! Room 214!””
Ricci walked up the stairs to her dorm. As soon as she saw her room, she unpacked her suitcase making herself comfortable. She let Spazz out of her cage. Then she heard the turning of a key and saw a face. The girl closed the door to the dorm and took the bunk across from Ricci. The girl had long blonde hair pulled up in a neat ponytail. She had light blue eyes. She had on a black and white striped tee with sports shorts and a pair of monavista flip flops. (What a coincidence!)
“”Hi. I’m Ricci Monavista.” Said Ricci, filled with confidence.
As soon as Ricci said this the girl looked up as is she’d seen Sun Ray.
“”Hey, aren’t you Monavista’s daughter who was chosen to be a model? Oh, sorry. Where’s my manners. I’m Ashli Tannigan. Nice to meet you.””
“”Well nice to meet you too, Ashli. What’s your talent or gift or power or whatever you call it?””
“”Sunlight and Flying.””
“”Cool. Mine’s weather and fire. Don’t classes start tomorrow?””
“Yeah, but we’re supposed to meet downstairs in the auditorium to get our yearly welcome speech from the head mistress.””
“”Oh well. Wanna go?”
Ricci stuck her side kick in her pocket just in case Georgie or Gabby texted her. As she was walking down the hall with Ashli she noticed a boy. Uh oh. Ricci had a bad experience with boys. Especially the special ones that made her fire powers go out of control. Ashli guided Ricci over so they could say hi.
“”Hi! I’m Ricci!” *zzzt* A spark came from her finger. Uh oh.
“”I’m Ashli! We’re new here. Would you mind showing us to the auditorium? We got lost.””
“”Of course.””
Then Ricci’s whole finger burst into flames. She put her hand behind her back as Riley guided them through the halls. Once they got there Ricci spoke up.
“”It was really nice walking and talking with but we gotta go. Bye Riley!” she said as she pulled Ashli’s arm into the crowd of students.
“”Bye Ricci!” he yelled not sure if she could hear him.
*Boop Bop Beep Beep* Ricci nearly jumped at the noise. It was just her sidekick.
Gabriella: Ri? Ya there?
Showed up on the screen. Ricci held up her finger to Ashli as if to say one minute.
Ricci: Here. In fact I’m at the school right now.
Gabriella: Really? OHMEGEE!!! That’s so awesome.
Ricci: I know right? Plus I have a roommate.
Gabriella: Wait! Tell me later.
Ricci: Ok. Bye!
Gabriella: Bye.
Ricci snapped shut her sidekick just as the head mistress came to the stage.

Part 4
Ashli and Ricci walked down the hall and talked about like back home and Ricci’s celebrity father. When they got to their dorm they changed into their pajamas, brushed their teeth and setteled in bed. While Ashli was sound asleep Ricci brought out her sidekick.
Ricci: I have soooo much to tell u guys but I’ll send it all in an email later. Bye!
She turned off her sidekick and fell asleep.


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