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The Life Of A Teenage Gifted Celebrity- Part 5

Posted in Short Stories by Danielle on August 26, 2009
Ashli woke up Ricci early in the morning.
“”Ricci! The school is serving breakfast in the auditorium!” said Ashli anxiously.
“”Ok, ok. I’m coming.” Ricci said, still slightly drowsy from her sleep.
Ricci dressed into her dark denim Capris, pink tank top, and monogrammed Monavista sneakers. As Ricci and AShli walked down the hall she spotted Riley running towards them. Ricci tried to look away but her effort didn’t help.
“”Hi Ashli. Hi Ricci!” he said.
Ricci’s insides tingled and sparks shot from her finger.
“”Were you guys on your way to breakfast?””
Ashli stepped up and answered for Ricci. “Yeah.””
“”Mind if I join you?” Riley sounded so calm and relaxed. Why wasn’t Ricci as calm?
“”Nope.” Said Ricci trying to sound as laid back as Riley.
While the three of them chatted Ricci’s whole finger turned hotter and hotter by the second. As soon as they arrived at the auditorium they were engulfed by a swarm of tired looking students carrying bagels, muffins and other breakfast items. Ashli, Riley and Ricci took a seat next to a long row of students who seemed to be first years. Riley stood up. Ashli had already gone and came back with a load of breakfast foods.
“”You want something, Ricci?”” Riley asked.
“”Just some orange juice and toast.” She answered.
Riley got out of the crowd of students and to the breakfast booths. Ashli was stuffing her mouth with toast, eggs, bacon, muffins, and cereal. When Riley came back with Ricci’s food the head mistress came up to the stage.
“”Attention Please.” She said as she clapped her hands. “Our Monthly school dance will be held on Monday at 8pm. The school store is stocking their shelves with dresses and tuxedos and everything else of the sort, so you can buy what you need there. Any question? Ok. Get back to your socializing.””
As soon as she stepped off the stage everyone was loud again. Ricci had finished her toast and orange juice so she got up.
“”You leaving?” asked Riley, slightly concerned.
“”Yeah. I’m tired. I’m going to go rest.””
“”Bye Ricci.” Said Ashli with her food still stuff in her mouth.
“”Bye Ashli. Bye Riley!”
“”Bye Ricci!””
Ricci’s finger shot up in flames as she approached the trash can. She made tiny water droplets to shoo away the fire.

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