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We Act~Chapter 1

Posted in Short Stories by Danielle on September 12, 2009

The spotlights flickered on and I looked up. Could this really be it? Had they finally understood my true potential? I stood up stright and opened my mouth, ready to say my prerehefarced lines.

“CAN SOMEONE GET THIS LITTLE GIRL OFF THE SET??” boomed the director, ten times louder through his megaphone.

I frowned. There went all my hopes and dreams, floating in the breeze of lost hope. The crew pushd me off the set and I grabbed up my pink rhinestone broom and began to sweep. The actors scuffled on stage and I rolled my eyes.

“Chris! Chris! Please! Don’t leave me!” shouted Ms-perfect-who-is-be tter-at-me-in-everyt hing, Kikee Ryles. She dropped to her knees and fake cryed.

The guy in front of her, Jai Barculo, turned around and stared at her horrible blubbering for five minutes then spoke. “You aren’t the Marilyn I fell in love with.” he said, calmly and slowly.

“CUT!” I yelled the director. He hopped off of his directors chair and walked down to the scene. “Oh my. That was almost perfect. Only a couple of things.” he said and helped Kikee up. “Ms. Ryles, there is no need for that much crying. Your mom didn’t die, alright?” He truned to Jai. “Jai, I need you to think of your life faster. Suspense is great, just not when we’re filming a teen love story, ok? TAKE 5!” he shouted and the rest of the cast scuttled off the set.

I went back to sweeping, then looked over at my best friend, huddled in her thinking chair, as usual. She had a summer job at a nearby studio where they were filming Japanese movies. She helped with the script a whole lot. Most of the time she just hung out here in studio 12, where a majority of Kikee Ryles work is done and where a majority of my work is.

“Ceilia!” She hissed, strands of her black hair flying everywhere.

I walked over. “What, Kaoru? As you can see I’m in the middle of work here!”

She pushed out her notebook, so I could see. “I made a new manga character!” she whispered in delight.

“OMG! It’s amazing, as always.” I said, and read the manga peice. “This character books and sounds like me.”

“I know. It’s loosely based off of you and when you become famous in the movie industry.”

I smiled back then went to sweeping. Kikee was at the snack table, daintly nibbling at a cookie, which was no doubt Low carb, low fat, no sugar. I shivered. Do you know how digusting that would taste.

“Kikee!” There you are!” said a blonde girl, as she walked over to where Kikee was. Her pink shirt looked a little too close for comfort, but her scarf and her pink and blue ruffled skirt floated neatly.

Kikee smiled at the girl. “Did you make sure those cookies were low carb, low fat, zero calories and zero sugar?”

The girl nodded proudly. “Of course! You have to keep your figure, unlike certain wannabees.” she said gesturing towards me.

They both laughed hysterically, and my face boiled red in anger.

“Now Hayley. Don’t be so mean. She can’t help that my acting skills are far superior.” then they both laughed hysterically.

I pursed my lips and dropped my broom, prepared to teach those two a lesson, when I felt a firm hane land on my over tense shoulder.

“You don’t want to get fired, do you?” said a voice.

I looked behind and came face to face with Jai Barculo. My shoulders slumped, and he let go.

“Good girl.” he said, patting my head. “I would be devastated if you were fired.”


“Yeah. Have you noticed how clean the floor has gotten since you were hired? Saves me the strain of having to walk to my trailer to check my reflection.” he said and winked at the floor. “Good work sport.” he said, and walked away.

“CLEAN UP NEEDED ON SET 15!” shouted the ceiling speakers. I rolled my eyes, waved to Kaoru and walked down to set 15, my cleaning equipment in hand.


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