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Nothing special here.

Posted in Random Thoughts I feel you should know by Danielle on September 27, 2009

Hey yo. It’s Dani. That’s spelt D-A-N-I if you can’t read. I’m kidding. You can read. XD anyways, I’m just being random self on a SUNDAY!!! I have Youth Group today so that’s pretty cool. Um….OH! Did I tell you about that guy name Josh on youtube? I did right? Ok. Whatever. You’re probably like “Ohmigosh. What the heck?” but I declared myself a fan girl so expect a whole lot more about that. I got math homework because some stupid people in my class decided not to do thier homework. At my old school, we got 30 problems. In High school, I get like 10 at the max, so I finished my homework without even having a problem, if that makes sense. Anyways,(My challenge to you is to count how many times I type anyways. I say it alot. XD) I got a 19/20 for a spanish quiz i forgot to study for. YEAH!!!! *claps for Dani!* I’m gonna go make a video now and post on here. WHAT FUN!


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