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We Act~ Chap 3

Posted in Uncategorized by Danielle on October 25, 2009

This one actully worked. Read and Comment. Please.


I smiled as I sat up in my bed the next morning. I was finally getting a chance to beat Kikee. Ever since our elementry school production of Annie, she’s beaten me to the punch at everything in acting. In middle school we did High School Musical. Kikee got the part of Gabriella and I was a stupid extra who follows her around. Last year, we did Midsummer Nights dream. She was Hermia and I was the stupid little elf who makes all the stuff happen. Kaoru agreed to write our script so I had no doubt that would kick butt. With our amazing costumes sewn by our mom and our fantastic acting skills I was so sure we were going to get this audition. I walked down to Space Clock studios and Hanna was standing outside.

“Hey!” she yelled and I walked over to her.

After a few hour of waiting it was finally our turn. Me and Hanna walked out into the spotlight.

“Hello, girls. Please state your names.” said the guy in a black suit.

“I’m Celia and this is Hanna.” I said.

“I’m Hanna.” she chimed in.

“And we are going to perform a peice that our friend wrote called “Symphony of Emotions.” we both bowed and took deep breaths in.

The track began to play.

“REEOOOREEEOOOO!!” screamed the speakers.

We covered our ears. Our costumes were greek looking togas and strappy sandals.

“Milta! What’s that sound?” I yelled and looked over my head.

The sound of airplanes whoosed over head.

“Mother says to go inside! Go! GO!” she yelled and we rushed into an invisible house.

“Milta? How did….how did they find us?” I asked, quivering slightly. “Aren’t the magicals supposed to keep up the force field? Did one of them die?”

“No! No, they did not.” said Hanna and she turned around. “Go do something, read a book or practice your cello.” she said.

We walked back to the middle of the stage and bowed.


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