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We Act~ Chap 4

Posted in Uncategorized by Danielle on October 25, 2009

It was about a half an hour after our audition. Hanna and I were at my house. We hadn’t bothered to change or even wipe our makeup off. Our eyes grew wide as we refreshed Space Clock Studios’ webpage once more.“When are they going to post the results?” said Hanna anxiously.Kaoru waltzed out of the kitchen, a pizza goldfish bag in hand. She came over so much that she knew every inch of our house, including the kitchen.“Goldf ish?” she asked.We grabbed the bag and started munching. She smiled. At exactly 4:33 we refreshed the page again and squealed.


We both drew in deep breaths and clicked the link. After that we read over the casting list.

-Kimberly- Hanna Rosen

I smiled and we slapped palms.

-Milly- Kikee Ryles

Milly: Understudy- Ceilia Jacobsen

I nearly cried on the spot. Not getting a part in the movie was bad but being an understudy for your arch rival was even worse! I put a dozen goldfish in my mouth and chomped sadly. If you don’t know how understudies work in the movie biz, let me explain. You have the main actor. If they are shooting a critical scene but are so sick or are being held up somewhere you have to take their place. You get makeup, hair and clothes done; when you come out….You can’t even tell the difference. You do their scene and they get all the credit! Isn’t that devastating?


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