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We Act~Chap 5

Posted in Uncategorized by Danielle on October 25, 2009

I walked into Space Clock Studios the next day, my head hung low. I still had to work for that day, even though they were shooting Crashing Planes. Hanna walked to work with me along with Karou. They consulted me the whole way.

“Ceilia.” Kaoru had said. “Don’t be so rummed. You know Space Clock Studios is always shooting movies.”

“And….” chimed in Hanna. “I’ll be like your representative on set, ya know? If you got something to say to Kikee, I’ll tell her, right on the spot.”

I shrugged. “That makes me feel a little better.”

Back at the studio, I was setting out snacks and drinks for the actors. To my expense, Jai was working on this movie as well. He was just like the teen advisor but he still insisted that he come on set everyday.

“Mornin’ Shorty.” Jai greeted me as I set down some vitamin enhanced water beverages.

I wanted to slap him upside the head. He was SO rocky.

“Morning Jai.” I said politely. Inside, I felt like I was gonna blow.

“No snide remarks, No smart comments…..” he observed. “You ok?”

“I’m perfectly fine.”

Jai lowered his voice. “Ryles beat you to the movie too?”

I nodded, burst into tears and fell into his arms. Good thing no one was here. I feel like a cry baby already, I didn’t need Kikee to tease me anymore than she already does. At first he recoiled, but then he gave me a hug. After a few minutes I pulled back.

“Sorry.” I said, wiping my eyes.

He gave me a sly wink. “Anytime. Catch you later, sport!’ he said and sauntered off stage.

He was so….whats the word for it……weird? I guess. I mean one minute I wanted to kill him, the next minute I’m a blubbering pile of putty in his arms. Kikee brushed past me with a smirk and I walked off set. Movie actors confuse me.


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