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The Best Time To Wear A Striped Sweater…..

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Vertical or Horizontal??

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How are you all?? Taha! I tricked you into talking to yourself.

Today was my last half day, so for the rest of the week I am on Thanksgiving Break! Yeah! Anyways, I feel the need to tell you the position of where I am blogging. I’m laying on the floor because Janelle is using the computer and chooses to lay HORIZONTAL instead of VERTICAL on the bed so I just grabbed a blanket and I’m camping out on the floor. (No, Andrew. This will not risk my health in any way shape or form.) I got the coolest app off of max-dan-wiz.com (The James Patterson Central for Maximum Ride, Daniel X and Witch & Wizard readers) I get to read BOOK ONE of Witch & Wizard for free on my iPod Touch! It’s awesome. Can’t wait for it to come out in bookstores. I’m going to ask my mom to just drop me off at Barnes & Nobles so I can just read everything all day. Man, That’s my heaven.


I made my wanted poster with that Witch & Wizard app. One of the best apps on my iPod Touch.

Prince of Egypt

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Hey folks. I found out that ONE person reads my blog regularly. Yeah! I have gotten an inspiration to write more blogs. Not sure when the pictures are going to appear but one of them is Prince of Egypt. I know almost every word to every song. I love that movie to death!! One of them is a girl. I traced that (you may have been excited
that I actually drew something, but no.) and colored it. Her name is Rainbow Galaxy. She is always at odds with her brother, Astro Galaxy, (The other picture, which Janelle traced and I colored) to see who will be defender of the galaxy. They fight against The Red Karen (who I traced and colored but am currently in the state of finding it so I don’t have a picture for her) That’s my crew. Should I make a story? Maybe a story line suggestion? I love your suggestions people! Feel free to contribute!! Please!!!!



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I feel absolutly awful, right now. My throat is THE sorest it has ever been, my back hurts, and I am getting really hungry. I don’t want to go to school. Plus, I have to walk. In the mornings, it’s really cold and it’s gonna dry out my throat even more. Plus, I’m doing a favor for my friend and have to leave early. Blech. You probably didn’t come here to hear about my problems so I’ll stop. Um….More comments would be fantastic. I feel like this blog has died. Is ANYONE reading this?? Well it’s like 4:37 so I should be sleeping but my throat and back hurt too much. I’m just up playing papaya farm on my Ipod Touch. I just finished volume 1 of Shugo Chara! I was bored. Sorry, I’ll stop boring you now


That’s Percy Jackson in the new movie: “Percy Jackson & The Olympians:The Lighting Thief” Janelle’s friend, Taylor, let her borrow the book. Jordan, Tolu: When the movie comes out (which is in exactly 88 days) Janelle is coming to see it with us.

My Amazing Revolve Adventure

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I was singing, screaming, dancing, and clapping all at the same time during the G1C (Group 1 Crew)¬†segment. It was so much fun, man. Jenna Lucado’s messages always stand out to me. She had this concept with name tags. Like if other people label you as, let’s say, sad. Your gonna live a sad life. If you feel empty, your gonna live your life…..empty. All these things don’t even exist with god. Instead of sad, You’re joyful. God is always there, you know. Always watching over you. He’s the perfect father.

Here’s some points that I felt stand out to me:
A)You’ve got a God that gets you: Jesus came down from heaven and became a human. He experienced everything we experienced and much more. He knows what you’re going through

B)You’ve got a God thats got you: Like I said, he’s always there. He will never leave or abandon you. He won’t drop you and say “You’re on your own now.” You are always his center of attention, your always in the palm¬† of his hand.

C)Like I said before, he’s the perfect dad. You’re the daughter of the perfect dad. Your the daughter of the sunset painter, the wave calmer. How does that make you feel? How do you feel now that you know you have a connection with the almighty father?

My Final Comment: God Lasts Forever.