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My Amazing Revolve Adventure

Posted in Random Thoughts I feel you should know by Danielle on November 8, 2009

I was singing, screaming, dancing, and clapping all at the same time during the G1C (Group 1 Crew) segment. It was so much fun, man. Jenna Lucado’s messages always stand out to me. She had this concept with name tags. Like if other people label you as, let’s say, sad. Your gonna live a sad life. If you feel empty, your gonna live your life…..empty. All these things don’t even exist with god. Instead of sad, You’re joyful. God is always there, you know. Always watching over you. He’s the perfect father.

Here’s some points that I felt stand out to me:
A)You’ve got a God that gets you: Jesus came down from heaven and became a human. He experienced everything we experienced and much more. He knows what you’re going through

B)You’ve got a God thats got you: Like I said, he’s always there. He will never leave or abandon you. He won’t drop you and say “You’re on your own now.” You are always his center of attention, your always in the palm  of his hand.

C)Like I said before, he’s the perfect dad. You’re the daughter of the perfect dad. Your the daughter of the sunset painter, the wave calmer. How does that make you feel? How do you feel now that you know you have a connection with the almighty father?

My Final Comment: God Lasts Forever.




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  1. courtney said,

    i remember that! it’s so cool. btw, I know it’s a bit late but I just checked my other email for the first time in maybe two years and was like “Danielle has a blog?!” and I also thought it was ironic because I only checked that email because I was using it to start my own blog and yeah I’m rambling so I’ll shut up now…

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