Mind-'Blog'gling! *gasp*


Posted in Uncategorized by Danielle on November 16, 2009

I feel absolutly awful, right now. My throat is THE sorest it has ever been, my back hurts, and I am getting really hungry. I don’t want to go to school. Plus, I have to walk. In the mornings, it’s really cold and it’s gonna dry out my throat even more. Plus, I’m doing a favor for my friend and have to leave early. Blech. You probably didn’t come here to hear about my problems so I’ll stop. Um….More comments would be fantastic. I feel like this blog has died. Is ANYONE reading this?? Well it’s like 4:37 so I should be sleeping but my throat and back hurt too much. I’m just up playing papaya farm on my Ipod Touch. I just finished volume 1 of Shugo Chara! I was bored. Sorry, I’ll stop boring you now


That’s Percy Jackson in the new movie: “Percy Jackson & The Olympians:The Lighting Thief” Janelle’s friend, Taylor, let her borrow the book. Jordan, Tolu: When the movie comes out (which is in exactly 88 days) Janelle is coming to see it with us.


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  1. Maya said,

    ur not boring

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