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Prince of Egypt

Posted in Random Thoughts I feel you should know by Danielle on November 18, 2009

Hey folks. I found out that ONE person reads my blog regularly. Yeah! I have gotten an inspiration to write more blogs. Not sure when the pictures are going to appear but one of them is Prince of Egypt. I know almost every word to every song. I love that movie to death!! One of them is a girl. I traced that (you may have been excited
that I actually drew something, but no.) and colored it. Her name is Rainbow Galaxy. She is always at odds with her brother, Astro Galaxy, (The other picture, which Janelle traced and I colored) to see who will be defender of the galaxy. They fight against The Red Karen (who I traced and colored but am currently in the state of finding it so I don’t have a picture for her) That’s my crew. Should I make a story? Maybe a story line suggestion? I love your suggestions people! Feel free to contribute!! Please!!!!



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