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Merry Christmas!

Posted in Uncategorized by Danielle on December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas to all my faithful readers. I hope you all have a blessed holiday. While you’re wrapping gifts, making cookies, singing at church services, unwrapping gifts, taking pictures, just hangin’ with the fam, Remember that Christ was born to die so we could live with him. Merry ChristmaHaunaKwanza!


Simply Having A Wonderful Christmas Time!

Posted in Random Thoughts I feel you should know by Danielle on December 20, 2009

Today is wackay! The snow is almost up to my knees. SCARAY!!! I filmed The Christmas Episode of Pokemon Middle for those who keep up with
My YouTube: kaitiekazooswitchero

Yesterday was crazier then expected. The snow fell and a tragedy almost happened. I won’t go into details. The snow was ankle deep when me and nelle went outside yesterday. I watched inkheart for the second time. That’s my kind of movie: A Movie All About BOOKS!!!!!


No Blue Monday In Your Sunday Clothes!

Posted in Random Thoughts I feel you should know by Danielle on December 13, 2009

It’s been a while. You all probably hate me now. I’m just reading To Kill A Mockingbird for English and I thought I would blog.

I am apart of the female chorus in my school’s production of one of the most awesomest musicals in the world…. Hello, Dolly! We learned a dance yesterday and I forgot it already. AGH!! I have also developed a slight obsession with the movie. I wish I could put it on my iPod. I like the Barbra Streisand version instead of the one our director suggested: The 1994 Carol Channing version. Look it up and pick one- Barbra Streisand OR Carol Channing?

Favorite Christmas Song: Wonderful Christmas Time by: Paul McCartney