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My Translation Adventures

Posted in Random Thoughts I feel you should know by Danielle on January 15, 2010


Sorry for that random rant but now I’m ok. Not really, but whatevs. So here’s my agenda. Look forward to these things coming in the next 2 weeks or so:
1) Post the rest of We Act
2) Do another book/movie/anime/manga review
3) Post a video of me singing Shesgotstyle

Don’t know when I’ll get to all of this with my midterms and stuff but it’ll come eventually. We’re going out to eat for my sister’s birthday. It was actually 3 days ago but weekdays are so hectic. She’s already gotten a Group 1 Crew tee (we now have matching G1C tees, Percy Jackson tees, boots, and lime green converse.), a wii remote charge station (saves tons of money in battery expenses!) and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers Of Sky.

I love online translators. Babelfish is horrible by the way, in terms of accuracy. If your just looking for some humor, though Babelfish.yahoo.com is for you!



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Here are someThings I feel like you should know, I mean, you came to my blog to learn about my life, Right?

A) I have gained an obsession with Nevershoutnever. I love Christofer and his barefoot self. Look it up on YouTube. He’s a pretty good singer and he uses mostly guitar in his songs, not alot of editing and tech stuff, some tech but not alot.
Top 4 nevershoutnever songs:
3:On the brightside
4:Did it hurt?
B) I was up till like 3 chatting with my neobff using my DS. All we did was change friendcodes! Now we can talk for like ever without paying a cent! No running over phonebills! Though I might look weird holding my bulky pink DS like a phone…

C) The curtains of our school were set on fire. It was during fifth period when we heard the Fire Alarm. We walked outside and were there for like a good 25-30 minutes then we went into the gym for 15-20 minutes then we went to our 5th period and we were dismissed a little early.
Top 3 Rumors of the cause of the fire:
1: Technical difficulties in the Auditorium
2: Someone actually SET the curtain on fire
3: The Tap Dancers went a little crazy and caused a spark.

I love my life.

That’s nevershoutnever. He’s really adorable. Trust me, A whole lot of girls agree with me on that one!

Fruit Tea Loveā™„

Posted in Random Thoughts I feel you should know by Danielle on January 2, 2010

AH! Nothing Like a warm cup of Black Cherry Berry Tea to get me in the mood to blog.

I’ve gained an obsession with Fruit Flavored Tea. Just felt like you needed to know that. My break has been awesome I just chilled and stayed at home for most of the time. Today I actually had to use my brain and study for the English Test that I got when I get back. BLECH! I don’t feel like going back to school but I gotta be ready cause I’m gonna have to go wether I like it or not. Urgh. I have been listening to My Group 1 crew CD non stop since christmas. It’s just non-stop awesomeness.

Percy Jackson Countdown: 42 days

Those of you who now me now what that means. Percy Jackson Obssesion Phase Has Begun! Logan Lerman (The Actor Playing Percy Jackson) is the background on my phone and the iPhone. My sister’s excited too she just doesn’t show it as much as I do. There’s going to be a Maximum Ride movie as well, Maximum Ride Fanbase. Get hyped for that too. Well I’ll catch you all later. My Black Cherry Berry tea has finished. Peace!