Mind-'Blog'gling! *gasp*


Posted in Random Thoughts I feel you should know,Uncategorized by Danielle on January 5, 2010

Here are someThings I feel like you should know, I mean, you came to my blog to learn about my life, Right?

A) I have gained an obsession with Nevershoutnever. I love Christofer and his barefoot self. Look it up on YouTube. He’s a pretty good singer and he uses mostly guitar in his songs, not alot of editing and tech stuff, some tech but not alot.
Top 4 nevershoutnever songs:
3:On the brightside
4:Did it hurt?
B) I was up till like 3 chatting with my neobff using my DS. All we did was change friendcodes! Now we can talk for like ever without paying a cent! No running over phonebills! Though I might look weird holding my bulky pink DS like a phone…

C) The curtains of our school were set on fire. It was during fifth period when we heard the Fire Alarm. We walked outside and were there for like a good 25-30 minutes then we went into the gym for 15-20 minutes then we went to our 5th period and we were dismissed a little early.
Top 3 Rumors of the cause of the fire:
1: Technical difficulties in the Auditorium
2: Someone actually SET the curtain on fire
3: The Tap Dancers went a little crazy and caused a spark.

I love my life.

That’s nevershoutnever. He’s really adorable. Trust me, A whole lot of girls agree with me on that one!


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