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Alicia Keys is SuperWoman. I look Emo.

Posted in Random Thoughts I feel you should know by Danielle on March 14, 2010

I look emo in the picture below. Haha! My iPhone stinks at pic taking. It’s so bulky. Anyways, I got my hair done yesterday. Yay! I was watching Alicia Keys video for “Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart” and she was like an incognito superhero (hence title) and for a second she looked like a black taylor swift. Josh (thecomputernerd01) was a smarty and gave out his phone number through blogtv and youtube! Haha! Now his phone is malfunctioning and he’s gained whole bunches if creepers. Plus 16000+ texts. Haha!
Random Question of the Day:
Name a book/tv show/anime or manga for me to review. I really want to do another reveiw thingy. Thanks a bunch!
(LOL= Lots Of Love)


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  1. Maya said,

    Hi Hi

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