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We hopped onto the bus, only to be introduced to Jess, John, and Josh all sitting in a circle on the floor. They turned in unison.
“Hey Kyrstie! I talked to you earlier!” exclaimed Jess.
I smiled. She remembered! “Yeah! How was the show for you?”
“Awesome as always.” Jess said with a glance at John.
I glanced too. Meredith and John seemed to be having some kind of telepathic conversation between them because they were just staring at eachother.
Josh laughed to cut the awkward silence. “I’m Josh Montgomery. The only cool person in this band.”
“Oh! Josh! Kyrstie has the same last name as you!” Jess said, with a little too much enthusiasim.
Josh gasped dramatically. “What? No way! You have become the second coolest person on earth.” he said, holding out his fist.
We fist bumped and I took a seat on the floor next to Jess. Stephen and Harley sat on the floor as well, and Meredith followed suit. She finally said something.
“I’m Meredith, by the way.” she waved a bit but kept eye contact with John.
“Wow. This is the silentest I have ever heard John.” said a voice coming from the back of the bus.
My heart skipped a beat. It was Brian Dales.
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Jess rolled her eyes. “No. John’s been quieter then this. I was there right after his mom gave him the bird and the bees talk.”
Stephen burst into laughter at the memory. “His reaction was priceless!”
Brian seemed to just notice that Meredith and I were here. We’ve been here for five minutes, way to be oblivious.
“Oh. Who are you girls? I’m Brian.”
“This is Kyrstie! And-” Jess was cut off by Josh’s interjection.
“I wanted to introduce her! She’s got the same last name as me!”
John smiled a bit. “And this is Meredith.”
Brian joined our circle on the floor, taking the space next to super snuggly Stephen and Harley. “Great to meet you guys. So you guys are fans?”
I nodded. “Yeah. I met Jess right before the show and we chatted and got a red bull. That show was awesome by the way.”
Brian beamed, totally proud of himself. “Oh, you met Jeff? What a lucky girl you are.”
Jess punched him in the arm and he rubbed his arm and pouted.
I looked around then noticed that John and Meredith had disappered. Way to ditch me, best friend since birth.
“Oh! We’re going to be here for another day!” Josh observed, after looking at a schedule tacked onto a rather cluttered bulletin board.
“That’s awesome! I can show you guys all the cool things there is to do around here!” I said, already excited at the mere thought of spending the day with my favorite band.
“And we can get to know you better.” Brian said with a cute litle wrinkle of his nose.
I smiled. “Yes, yes you can.”
My mom and dad were out of town anyways so I crashed on The Summer Set’s bus. Meredith and John came back at some point in the night. I was too tired to wait for her. The guys made me as comfortable as possible, making a makeshift bed on the couch out of a bunch of Disney patterned fleece blankets and bags of marshmellows for a pillow. I woke up to blasting of Taylor Swift and someone singing along. I opened my eyes and scanned the bus. Brian was being a dork, dancing around in his boxers. Jess threw a pillow at him and he eventually shut up.
At least 10 minutes later the rest of the band was dressed and ready to go except for Stephen.
“He always does this. Imagine living with him.” John complained, sending a giggle out of Meredith.
“You guys can go. I’ll keep watch over him. Just meet us at Walmart in 15 minutes.” Harley said, giving us permission to leave.
I walked around town, Jess linking with one arm, Josh linking with the other. Brian just kind of lagged behind, trying to cool. John and Meredith were telling eachother jokes or something because they kept bursting into laughter.
“You guys! This store is awesome! Come check it out!” Brian exclaimed, planting his face on the store glass.
We walked over. It was a huge display of every Disney movie made to man. Within a minute, he was already in the store, grabbing almost every movie in sight.
“How does he call himself a man?” Josh joked.
“He doesn’t.” Jess said. “We’re not even totally sure he’s male.”
After walking around Walmart and buying tons of stuff to help them stock up for the rest of the tour, all of our stomachs were grumbling.
“Nearest Taco Bell, here we come!” exclaimed John, running ahead with Meredith.
While we were all chowing down on our various Mexican food items, we made small talk.
“So Kyrstie, how old are you?” Brian asked with a mouthfull of bean burrito.
I resisted the urge to giggle by sipping by Coke Zero. “Um, 18.”
“What do you plan on doing with your life since you’re finished with high school?”
“I’m going to John Hopkins to study dermatology. I got a huge scholarship.”
“I want you to be my skin doctor once you get a job!” Josh said.
I laughed. “Oh totally. You have to remind me once I finish college.”
Jess turned to me. “So that means you’ve got the rest of the summer to just chill, right?”
“Yup.” I said with a nod. “But guys will be gone after today. This town is going to be so boring with you guys.”
“Nuh uh! Not if you spend the rest of the summer with us!” suggested Brian.
“What?” I said, totally shocked. Had they seriously just asked me to tour with them. “You guys barely have enough space in that bus as it is anyways. I would just be extra luggage to carry around.”
“No! You’re one of us now, Kyrst.” Jess said, putting an arm around my shoulder.
“So is Meredith! If Kyrstie gets to go on tour, Meredith wants to as well!” John said, drinking a soda he bought from the conveinence store across the street. He refused to buy the sodas here because he believed they were over priced.
“Well then it’s setteled! Kyrstie, Meredith, Welcome to The Summer Set!”


We Act~Chap 2

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We Act~ Chap 2

Please go read it there. The stupid computer won’t let me copy and paste it for some reason….That’s how I’m gonna post We Act Chapters from now on. Leave a comment telling me what’cha think. THANKERS!

We Act~Chapter 1

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The spotlights flickered on and I looked up. Could this really be it? Had they finally understood my true potential? I stood up stright and opened my mouth, ready to say my prerehefarced lines.

“CAN SOMEONE GET THIS LITTLE GIRL OFF THE SET??” boomed the director, ten times louder through his megaphone.

I frowned. There went all my hopes and dreams, floating in the breeze of lost hope. The crew pushd me off the set and I grabbed up my pink rhinestone broom and began to sweep. The actors scuffled on stage and I rolled my eyes.

“Chris! Chris! Please! Don’t leave me!” shouted Ms-perfect-who-is-be tter-at-me-in-everyt hing, Kikee Ryles. She dropped to her knees and fake cryed.

The guy in front of her, Jai Barculo, turned around and stared at her horrible blubbering for five minutes then spoke. “You aren’t the Marilyn I fell in love with.” he said, calmly and slowly.

“CUT!” I yelled the director. He hopped off of his directors chair and walked down to the scene. “Oh my. That was almost perfect. Only a couple of things.” he said and helped Kikee up. “Ms. Ryles, there is no need for that much crying. Your mom didn’t die, alright?” He truned to Jai. “Jai, I need you to think of your life faster. Suspense is great, just not when we’re filming a teen love story, ok? TAKE 5!” he shouted and the rest of the cast scuttled off the set.

I went back to sweeping, then looked over at my best friend, huddled in her thinking chair, as usual. She had a summer job at a nearby studio where they were filming Japanese movies. She helped with the script a whole lot. Most of the time she just hung out here in studio 12, where a majority of Kikee Ryles work is done and where a majority of my work is.

“Ceilia!” She hissed, strands of her black hair flying everywhere.

I walked over. “What, Kaoru? As you can see I’m in the middle of work here!”

She pushed out her notebook, so I could see. “I made a new manga character!” she whispered in delight.

“OMG! It’s amazing, as always.” I said, and read the manga peice. “This character books and sounds like me.”

“I know. It’s loosely based off of you and when you become famous in the movie industry.”

I smiled back then went to sweeping. Kikee was at the snack table, daintly nibbling at a cookie, which was no doubt Low carb, low fat, no sugar. I shivered. Do you know how digusting that would taste.

“Kikee!” There you are!” said a blonde girl, as she walked over to where Kikee was. Her pink shirt looked a little too close for comfort, but her scarf and her pink and blue ruffled skirt floated neatly.

Kikee smiled at the girl. “Did you make sure those cookies were low carb, low fat, zero calories and zero sugar?”

The girl nodded proudly. “Of course! You have to keep your figure, unlike certain wannabees.” she said gesturing towards me.

They both laughed hysterically, and my face boiled red in anger.

“Now Hayley. Don’t be so mean. She can’t help that my acting skills are far superior.” then they both laughed hysterically.

I pursed my lips and dropped my broom, prepared to teach those two a lesson, when I felt a firm hane land on my over tense shoulder.

“You don’t want to get fired, do you?” said a voice.

I looked behind and came face to face with Jai Barculo. My shoulders slumped, and he let go.

“Good girl.” he said, patting my head. “I would be devastated if you were fired.”


“Yeah. Have you noticed how clean the floor has gotten since you were hired? Saves me the strain of having to walk to my trailer to check my reflection.” he said and winked at the floor. “Good work sport.” he said, and walked away.

“CLEAN UP NEEDED ON SET 15!” shouted the ceiling speakers. I rolled my eyes, waved to Kaoru and walked down to set 15, my cleaning equipment in hand.

The Life Of A Teenage Gifted Celebrity- Part 5

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Ashli woke up Ricci early in the morning.
“”Ricci! The school is serving breakfast in the auditorium!” said Ashli anxiously.
“”Ok, ok. I’m coming.” Ricci said, still slightly drowsy from her sleep.
Ricci dressed into her dark denim Capris, pink tank top, and monogrammed Monavista sneakers. As Ricci and AShli walked down the hall she spotted Riley running towards them. Ricci tried to look away but her effort didn’t help.
“”Hi Ashli. Hi Ricci!” he said.
Ricci’s insides tingled and sparks shot from her finger.
“”Were you guys on your way to breakfast?””
Ashli stepped up and answered for Ricci. “Yeah.””
“”Mind if I join you?” Riley sounded so calm and relaxed. Why wasn’t Ricci as calm?
“”Nope.” Said Ricci trying to sound as laid back as Riley.
While the three of them chatted Ricci’s whole finger turned hotter and hotter by the second. As soon as they arrived at the auditorium they were engulfed by a swarm of tired looking students carrying bagels, muffins and other breakfast items. Ashli, Riley and Ricci took a seat next to a long row of students who seemed to be first years. Riley stood up. Ashli had already gone and came back with a load of breakfast foods.
“”You want something, Ricci?”” Riley asked.
“”Just some orange juice and toast.” She answered.
Riley got out of the crowd of students and to the breakfast booths. Ashli was stuffing her mouth with toast, eggs, bacon, muffins, and cereal. When Riley came back with Ricci’s food the head mistress came up to the stage.
“”Attention Please.” She said as she clapped her hands. “Our Monthly school dance will be held on Monday at 8pm. The school store is stocking their shelves with dresses and tuxedos and everything else of the sort, so you can buy what you need there. Any question? Ok. Get back to your socializing.””
As soon as she stepped off the stage everyone was loud again. Ricci had finished her toast and orange juice so she got up.
“”You leaving?” asked Riley, slightly concerned.
“”Yeah. I’m tired. I’m going to go rest.””
“”Bye Ricci.” Said Ashli with her food still stuff in her mouth.
“”Bye Ashli. Bye Riley!”
“”Bye Ricci!””
Ricci’s finger shot up in flames as she approached the trash can. She made tiny water droplets to shoo away the fire.

The Life Of A Teenage Gifted Celebrity- Part 3/Part 4

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Ok. Yes. I originally did write this story in parts and that is why I am posting this story in parts. Now, ONTO THE STORY!!!


Ricci felt a bump and she got up. She looked through the thick mass of clouds and saw a big mansion/ castle type looking structure. Yep. That was her stop. In the blink of an eye she was back on earth with her suitcase and messenger bag she rolled into the massive building. She went directly to the front office. She was soon face with a cheery lady, with rosy cheeks.
“”Name, and gifts please.” she said all too cheerfully.
“”Ricci Monavista, Weather and Fire.””
“”Okay! Room 214!””
Ricci walked up the stairs to her dorm. As soon as she saw her room, she unpacked her suitcase making herself comfortable. She let Spazz out of her cage. Then she heard the turning of a key and saw a face. The girl closed the door to the dorm and took the bunk across from Ricci. The girl had long blonde hair pulled up in a neat ponytail. She had light blue eyes. She had on a black and white striped tee with sports shorts and a pair of monavista flip flops. (What a coincidence!)
“”Hi. I’m Ricci Monavista.” Said Ricci, filled with confidence.
As soon as Ricci said this the girl looked up as is she’d seen Sun Ray.
“”Hey, aren’t you Monavista’s daughter who was chosen to be a model? Oh, sorry. Where’s my manners. I’m Ashli Tannigan. Nice to meet you.””
“”Well nice to meet you too, Ashli. What’s your talent or gift or power or whatever you call it?””
“”Sunlight and Flying.””
“”Cool. Mine’s weather and fire. Don’t classes start tomorrow?””
“Yeah, but we’re supposed to meet downstairs in the auditorium to get our yearly welcome speech from the head mistress.””
“”Oh well. Wanna go?”
Ricci stuck her side kick in her pocket just in case Georgie or Gabby texted her. As she was walking down the hall with Ashli she noticed a boy. Uh oh. Ricci had a bad experience with boys. Especially the special ones that made her fire powers go out of control. Ashli guided Ricci over so they could say hi.
“”Hi! I’m Ricci!” *zzzt* A spark came from her finger. Uh oh.
“”I’m Ashli! We’re new here. Would you mind showing us to the auditorium? We got lost.””
“”Of course.””
Then Ricci’s whole finger burst into flames. She put her hand behind her back as Riley guided them through the halls. Once they got there Ricci spoke up.
“”It was really nice walking and talking with but we gotta go. Bye Riley!” she said as she pulled Ashli’s arm into the crowd of students.
“”Bye Ricci!” he yelled not sure if she could hear him.
*Boop Bop Beep Beep* Ricci nearly jumped at the noise. It was just her sidekick.
Gabriella: Ri? Ya there?
Showed up on the screen. Ricci held up her finger to Ashli as if to say one minute.
Ricci: Here. In fact I’m at the school right now.
Gabriella: Really? OHMEGEE!!! That’s so awesome.
Ricci: I know right? Plus I have a roommate.
Gabriella: Wait! Tell me later.
Ricci: Ok. Bye!
Gabriella: Bye.
Ricci snapped shut her sidekick just as the head mistress came to the stage.

Part 4
Ashli and Ricci walked down the hall and talked about like back home and Ricci’s celebrity father. When they got to their dorm they changed into their pajamas, brushed their teeth and setteled in bed. While Ashli was sound asleep Ricci brought out her sidekick.
Ricci: I have soooo much to tell u guys but I’ll send it all in an email later. Bye!
She turned off her sidekick and fell asleep.

The Life Of A Teenage Gifted Celebrity- Part 2

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Ricci woke up to her dark skin being toasted by the late afternoon sun. She sat up and rubbed her caramel brown eyes. She walked out of her room and into the bathroom she shared with Elijah. She stepped into the shower and washed her short and spiky neon blue hair. Then she shuffled downstairs in her tony the tiger robe with matching tiger print Monavista slippers. (Her dad was always getting her monavista merchandise.) Little James toddled over to the tired Ricci and squeezed her. He let go the sat back in his chair.
“”Good morning Ricci. How are you feeling?”  her mom said.
“”Ok. I guess.””
“”You’re going to need your energy for later.””
“”I know. I know.””
Ricci grabbed a piece of bread and put in the toaster. She turned on the TV.
“”Good Morning, viewers. We’re here with your favorite show…..””
“”The New Scoop!””
“”And your host?””
“”John Greenbell!””
Ricci laughed at corny shows like this. What is the point?
“”Today on New Scoop, Fashion and Music Industry superstar, Chris Monavista, considering his daughter, Ricci Monavista, to be a model for his clothing line? Let’s roll the tape.””
Ricci sat on the couch with her mouth completely open. Elijah came in and closed her mouth.
“”What’s the matter, Ric?” he said with concern in his voice.
Ricci rewinded the clip to the beginning of the show. His mouth dropped open as well.
“”Ma! You might wanna come look at this!” yelled Elijah from the living room.
Ricci rewinded the show for the second time in a row.
“”Uh, uh. No. I am not going to let my 16 year old daughter be a model.” She murmured to herself as she ran into the kitchen to get the house phone.
Ricci walked up the stairs and changed into her white tank, cherry hoodie, tan khakis and pink converse. She took her suitcase, messenger bag and her monkey cage.
Elijah, James, and Mom all came outside. They waved and Ricci waved back. Then in the blink of an eye, she was on top of a dark storm cloud sleeping, dreaming.

The Life of a Teenage Gifted Celebrity-Part 1

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Ricci Monavista, daughter of Christopher Monavista, sat on her desk looking across the room at her monkey, Spazz who was chattering loudly.
Ricci was, on the outside, a normal teenage girl. She had two brothers, one younger and one older than her. She was a middle child. If you dig deeper into her second life, she’s basically a celebrity. She’s the daughter of Christopher Monavista, the founder and director of Monavista Records. The record company had contracts with Riri, The Beat Boys, and Sunray, the hottest names in music today. Her dad has made some pretty big appearances taking Ricci along with him. Now everyone knows her name. She had hung out with Riri a couple of times, but they weren’t best friends. Now she was the next big teenage celebrity. Now there’s a deeper life inside of her ordinary/ celebrity life. Ricci was a gifted. She had the powers of controlling weather and fire. She could also talk to her monkey and understand her way of communication. Her mom had noticed that she had been a gifted go she immediately signed her up for a couple years at Angelo’s school for the Gifted. She was supposed to leave tomorrow but she didn’t bother pack. Ricci was the only abnormal one in the family but her brothers understood. James, Ricci’s younger brother, rushed in her cluttered, junky room and tripped over an overdue library book. He fell and started to cry.
“”Ugh. Not again.””She mumbled to herself.
Her brother was always running and tripping over things. Then Elijah, her older brother heard the crying and rushed in to comfort James. When he stopped crying he immediately ran out the door.
“”Hey Ric. How are you?” Elijah asked, eyeing her empty suitcase.
“”Fine. I guess.” She said, gloom over shadowing her usual perky voice.
“”You gonna start packing?”  he asked, cautiously.
“”I can help, if you want.” He offered.
“”It’s ok, Eli.””
“”Ok.”  He said, leaving the room, nearly tripping over one of Ricci’s 30 pairs of converse.
Ricci reached towards her pink and purple monogrammed Monavista suitcase. ‘Ricci, my only sunshine.’ It said on the front. Her dad had gotten it for her last Christmas when he decided to start a designer line of clothing, purses, shoes etc. Looking at that, Ricci remembered the days when her dad wasn’t a superstar. She reached for her closet door and opened it. It was as messy as her bedroom floor. She reached for her Daddy’s Girl tee, jeans, pink converse, purple monavista flip flops, cherry hoodie, tan khakis and other articles of clothing. She stretched towards her monkey’s cage then heard a knock on her door.
“”Hey Eli. Wazzup?” she asked her voice a lot perkier than before.
“”Mom said you should start getting ready for bed.””
“”Got it.”
Their mom, Mrs. Jaclyn Monavista, wanted nothing to do with the record company or the clothing line. The Monavista family now lived in North Dakota. Before, their family lived in Hollywood, California, where Christopher Monavista chose to go into the music industry. After that she left, to keep her kids away from the paparazzi and the press and settled down here.
Elijah walked out and into his room across the hall. Meanwhile, Ricci dug into her sky blue messenger bag and brought out her rhinestone covered Monavista exclusive side kick and texted her friends, Gabriella (aka: Gabby) and Georgia (aka: Georgie).
Ricci: Gab? Georgie? Ya there?
Georgia: Yeah, but Gab’s knocked out.
Ricci: Ok. I’ve got to leave tomorrow for ASG
Georgia: We’ll miss you. =(
Ricci: I’ll miss you too. =( x2
Georgia: Bye!
Ricci: Bye!
Then she clicked off her Sidekick and put it back in her bag.

Agent Smiley Returns

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This story is not yet finished but I thought you would like to see a little bit of it.


I leaned back in my chair in the conference room in the S.H.Q meeting room. Lisa was blabbering about something. I nearly dozed off twice. It was Saturday morning. Weren’t those meant for sleeping in and watching Saturday morning cartoons? I’m Saritoshi as you may know, from my recent adventure in which I was able to gain a decent sense of normality in going to Ullman Bridge High School, gain a boyfriend(Only every girls dream!) and kick the butt of the anti-government(only every super spy’s dream!) so I was living large.

“Sari!” Teddy whispered. He was the cuddly bear of our spy group; I could always go to him for everything. “Are you listening?”

I nodded. “Yeah, yeah.” I said, trying to get him off my case.

Teddy rolled his eyes but didn’t let up. “We’re going to Tokyo for our next mission.”

“What?” I screamed as I bolted up in my chair, which obviously disturbed the rest of the crew and Lisa.

Blackie, resident Goth girl of our spy group, narrowed her eyes at me, obviously annoyed at my lateness. Twila, The quietest and maybe smartest girl in our group, just stared her huge mouse eyes at me, with a look that said. ‘Don’t want to be rude but what is wrong with you?’ Lisa switched her gaze from the board to me.

“Agent Smiley. Have you been listening to a word I have been saying?” she asked.

I shook my head. “No.”

“I guess I will have to repeat this whole conversation all over again for your benefit.”

The rest of my team stared me, obviously not wanting to hear this whole thing all over again.

“Next week, we are going on a trip to Japan. Your mission is to keep Master Katsumi and Mistress Takara Ikeda safe and occupied. Their mother and father are going to be away on some business with the CSI. They are the highest in Japanese homeland protection. We have deep ties with the Ikeda family so please don’t mess this up. Any questions? Ok. Here are folders with the information on the Ikeda family. You will need to study them because you will need all the information you can get when you go there.” She said, sliding down folders.

Inside them were pictures of Katsumi, Takara and their parents. Along with personal profiles on their likes dislikes, past history and looks on the future. I read Katsumi’s first. There was a picture of him holding up a Pokémon figurine. He looked about 10 years old. He still had a love for Pokémon and never left without a Pokémon sticker on his wrist. Next was Takara’s. The picture showed her smiling happily with a bunch of friends in what seemed to be a town square. She was an extremely cheery social butterfly who had an obsession with a character from a popular anime ‘Ouran High School Host Club’. I closed the folder.

“Now please go pack and say your goodbye’s people. We’re heading out first thing in the morning on Thursday.” Said Lisa, pushing a button. Soon, we were back in our rooms.

Twila lay on her bed, staring at the picture of Katsumi. I stared at her for a minute, while she read over his profile. Twila sighed. “Isn’t he the most adorable thing on Earth?” she asked, sighing again.

I smiled and pulled out a picture of me and Miguel at the renaissance fair. “I don’t think we’re supposed to fall in love with our client’s, Mouse.” I said.

Twila sighed again. “I know, but when you look at him, you just can’t tear your eyes away.”

I stared at her again. “I certainly can, Blackie can and Teddy can. It’s just you.”

She sighed again and I gave up. I called Miguel and took a seat in the computer chair.

“Hey novia.” He said using the Spanish word for girlfriend.

“Hey Miguel.”

“What’s up?”

“I have to go to Japan for some ‘business.” I said, putting an emphasis on the word business.

“Oooooh….. When are you going to be back? Oh! And you know we have that huge English test next week right?”

I gasped. “Ohmigosh. We do. Darn it! Stupid ‘business’. Well you’ll just have to cope a whole week without me.”

“A whole week? Without you? I’m going to die!” he said laughing a little.

I smiled. “No you won’t. You’ll be fine. I’ll call you every day, ok?”

“Got it, chica. What exactly is going to be your ‘business’ in Japan anyways?”

“We have to protect and entertain these two kids whose parents are deeply involved with the S.H.Q.”

“Ok. Don’t forget to bring back souvenirs. They have the coolest stuff in Tokyo!”

“Ok, Ok. Talk to you later.” I said, hanging up.

When I hung up, Twila was gone. I searched the remains of our room and didn’t find anything. I walked out of our room and passed by the copy room, then backtracked. She was not doing what I thought she was doing.

“Mouse. What exactly are you doing?” I asked, eyeing the tons of pictures of Katsumi that were exiting the copy machine.

“A million Katsumi’s is better than one!” she said cheerfully.

I shook my head and dragged her back to the room.

“But I haven’t gotten my original copy back from the copy machine!” she yelled.

This slight crush was turning into a full on obsession. “Please. Promise that when we get to Japan that you don’t go full on nuts over Katsumi, ok? This obsessive thing is scaring me.”

She frowned. “Alright.”

Someone knocked on the door but barged in without even letting us say come in. Guess super spies don’t have time for common courtesy. It was Blackie and Teddy.

“Hey guys.” I said, switching my gaze from Twila to our field buddies.

Blackie held up the millions of pictures that we had left in the copy room and slapped them onto Twila’s bed. “We obviously have a problem.” She said, simply.

Teddy just gave Twila a big smile and a comforting hug. The usual.

Suddenly my phone rang. It was the Mission Impossible theme. I set that one so that I know when Lisa calls. “Hello?”

“Would you all please come to my office for a special farewell dinner.” She said, more like an order then a question. Then she hung up immediately.

“Come on, everyone! Into Lisa’s office we go!” I said, getting up and walking out with Blackie, Twila and Teddy trailing behind.

Then the fateful day came, that fateful Thursday morning where we left for Japan. The fateful morning where I would have to leave Miguel and Ullman Bridge High for a whole week! How were they expecting us to cope with that? I without Miguel, Teddy and Blackie without their freaky Goth/ geek friends and Twila without her sport nerds was completely unimaginable! I sighed as I got up. As usual, I got dressed in some of my mom’s old clothes. A purple and gold t-shirt, with a cashmere skirt and ballet flats fit today’s events. Twila was still asleep (probably dreaming of Katsumi.) so I woke her up, partly because she did need to get up and partly because I didn’t need her having another Katsumi dream. She groaned as she woke up, obviously not happy with me waking her up.

“Hello, Sari. How are you?” she said, getting up and walking into the bath room to wash her face.

“I’m fine.” I responded, picking up the remainders and stuffed them into my backpack, which I was taking on the plane.

A few minutes later, all of us had gathered our stuff into the trunks of the cars and we were in the cars ready to go to the airport. On the way, I was avidly texting Miguel, Twila was staring at the picture I lent her of Katsumi (ugh….); Blackie and Teddy were just talking.

As soon as we got to our seats and were midway in the air, I finally talked to Twila after about 3 straight hours of texting Miguel. “So…How do you think Japan will be?”

“Amazing. It’s so exotic and different. Different from America anyways.”

Suddenly, Blackie popped in. “We’re not here to sight see or daydream about boys.” She said giving Twila a cold hard stare. “We are here on a mission and we can’t get side tracked. If we fail with this Lisa might never trust us on an overseas mission again.”

Twila sighed. “All right. Now stop getting on my case, geez.” She said, sinking down in her seat.

A flight attendant came by. “Pretzels or peanuts?” she asked.

“Peanuts.” I said and she gave me two bags of Peanuts.

It took Twila nearly twenty minutes to decide whether she wanted Pretzels or Peanuts. “Would Katsumi like Pretzels? Or Peanuts?” she kept on asking herself.

“Ohmigosh. Mouse, would you pick something already!” I said, slightly irritated.

“Can I have one of both?” she asked and the lady gave her a bag of peanuts and pretzels.

As soon as we arrived, two limos waited for us outside. A chauffer opened the door and we slid inside. On the other side of the limo were Katsumi, Takara, and the Ikeda parents.

“Welcome to Tokyo. I’m Arisu and this is my husband Isao. We are so glad that our company chose the greatest group of spies to protect our kids while we’re gone.” She said.

I looked up from my phone in mid-text and smiled. “No problem. My name is Sari. This is Twila.” I said gesturing to Twila, whose eyes were fixed onto Katsumi. She waved. “And this is Daniel and Bailey.” I said using their real names. “But you can just call them Teddy and Blackie.” I said, quickly.

Arisu nodded. “Nice to meet all of you. I left a list of things the kids like….”

Takara rolled her eyes. “Mom…We’re not kids and we don’t need a baby sitter.”

Katsumi nodded. “More like babysitters.”

Twila sighed and I tried to keep my cool. Blackie looked like she was going to pound both of them till they were nothing but flesh, while Teddy rested a comforting hand on her shoulder.

“I mean, asking a bunch of adolescents to watch a pair of adolescents. That’s not even smart.”  Continued Takara. “Even if they are spies don’t they have hormones too? That one seems to be obsessed with Sumi-kun already.” She said, nodding towards Twila who was in a trance watching Katsumi play a Pokémon game on his Nintendo DS.

Arisu stared at Takara. “Takara. That is no way to talk about your new guardians. Now this group of young spies comes highly recommended and they are trained in case of an emergency.”

Takara rolled her eyes. “Whatever…”

Once we got to the Ikeda house, we all piled out of the car. “Take good care.” Said Arisu, giving each of her children a peck on the cheek. “Have fun.” She said and the car drove away.

Takara and Katsumi charged inside and we followed behind, our backs weighed down by our bags.

“I will show you to your rooms.” Said one of the house keepers and led us upstairs to the guest rooms.

Mine had a pink and blue theme, with a mirror and a desk. I set down my laptop and my phone on the desk. It felt weird not having Twila in the same room as me. I set down my stuff and hovered downstairs where Takara was watching anime and Katsumi continued to play his game.

“So, guys. What is there to do around here? I’ve heard that Tokyo has a super cool shopping district.” I suggested.

“Stop trying to act interested and leave us alone. We’re fine by ourselves.” Said Takara, shooing me away.

I frowned then wandered into the enormous kitchen and found a note.

To the spies

My name is Isao. I am the father of my wonderful children. Takara is a social butterfly but tends to watch over Katsumi too often. They have become shut ins.  I would love it if you could show them a good time. They haven’t had a good day in a while.

From Isao Ikeda.

I smiled and folded back up the note and stuck it in the pocket of my skirt to show the rest of the crew. I ran up the stairs and into Twila’s room in which they had congregated.

“Oh hey Sari. How’d it go with the Ikeda kids?” said Blackie, lounging back in the desk chair.

Twila threw a pillow at her. “I will refuse to let you call Sumi-Chan an Ikeda kid.” She said.

I sat next to Teddy. “Not so good, but I found a note from Isao. It says he wants us to show them a good time and that Takara tends to watch over Katsumi too often.”

Twila jumped up. “I’ll watch over Sumi-Chan!” she yelled.

I rolled my eyes. “You and teddy will go with Katsumi while Blackie and I will try to break Takara’s hard outer shell, ok?”

They all nodded and we went into our battle stations.

“Why did you drag me out here? I demand you take me back home!” shrieked Takara, once we reached downtown Tokyo.

“Shhhhh!” Blackie hissed. “Not so loud. Stop trying to make us look like we’re taking you as a hostage.”

“Well, that is kind of my point.” She said, with her signature eye roll. “And where’s Sumi-kun?” she said, referring to Katsumi. “He needs to be here with me. Where did you all take him?”

“Twila and Teddy are with him. He’s going to be fine.” I reassured her. “Now are you ready to go have some fun? To that anime cosplay shop!” I said dragging her into the store.

Once we got in we looked around, everything was labeled from which anime it was from. You would never believe how much anime there is. I was kind of over whelmed actually. Anyways, we shoved Takara into a dressing room and went to pick out a costume. I wandered into the Tokyo Mew Mew section until Blackie shoved me into the Ouran section.

“Ow.” I said. “Must you be so hard?” Blackie gave me a long hard stare then turned my head towards a costume. “Ohmy. It comes with the wig and everything!” I said, pulling it down from the rack. Blackie nodded and we threw it into Takara’s dressing room. “Try it on!” we yelled.

“OHMIGOSH!!! You expect me to try this on?” she shrieked.

“Yes we do!”

“With this stupid wig?”


“Fine. One moment please.”

Blackie and I gave each other triumphant smiles and a high five.

“Do you think this is what he meant by good time?”

I shrugged. “Whatever suits their taste? She’s obsessed with this character to let’s let her enjoy this moment alright?”

Blackie nodded. “Yeah.” Then she turned to Takara’s dressing room curtain. “You done yet?” she yelled.

“Almost!” Takara yelled back. “But is this wig really necessary?”

I looked to Blackie and she shook her head. “Not really! You wanna put the wig back?” I asked.

“Take back this furry thing.” She said, throwing the blonde wig over the dressing room curtain.

I put it back into the Ouran Section. “You ready?” I asked.

Takara hopped out, in full Ouran High School uniform attire, complete with the tie, the jacket and the black dress shoes. Blackie and I clapped hysterically and cheered. Takara beamed and stage one of Mission Break Takara’s Shell was completed.

“Hey, Guys! Check this out!” yelled Takara as she ran over to a store window. We followed after her in our Ouran High School girl’s uniforms.

“Man, this stupid dress is hard to run in.” mumbled Blackie.

We all pressed our faces against the window. “Oooooooo…..” we said in unison.  All of us raced into the store, and tried to get to the item first. I tripped over my dress and Takara ran ahead. “Not fair.” I said, banging the floor. Blackie attacked Takara to the floor allowing me to get up quietly and reach for the item until Blackie brought me down to the floor too! I tried not to scream. Takara looked like she was going to beat the living daylights out of Blackie. Blackie looked triumphant and held the item in the air proudly, then skipped her way over to the cashier, who was slightly freighted by our earlier behavior. Once Blackie paid for the item, she helped us off the floor.

“Too slow, ladies!” she said, with a mischievous smile.

Takara frowned and brushed off her uniform. “Can we at least share it?” she said reaching for it.

“Yeah.” I agreed, reaching for it as well.

Blackie thought for a minute. “Maybe. But, we have more things to do.” She said, taking both of us and dragging us out of the store.

Once we got home we flopped onto the luxurious couches that only the Ikeda family could afford. Twila and Teddy heard us come in and they rushed downstairs, with Katsumi trailing behind. Twila was holding a firm grip on his hand and it looked like she hadn’t let go in a while.

“Sari, Blackie, Takara! Your back and what is with those outfits?” said Twila eyeing our Cosplay costumes.

“We got a little carried away at the Cosplay shop.” Blackie said, simply. Then we all laughed.

Teddy, Twila and Katsumi gave each other weird looks and shrugged. Katsumi dragged Twila over to where we had dropped our bags and looked through them.

“You guys did a lot of shopping, huh?” he said, looking over at Takara.

Takara nodded. “It was the most fun I have had in a long time.”

Blackie and I gave each other weak smiles and high fives. Takara’s hard outer shell had been broken, thanks to the Tokyo Anime Shopping District, and careful guiding by Blackie, of course.

“Sumi-Chan!” yelled Twila, as she ran through the huge halls of the Ikeda house.

I groaned, got up and walked over to Twila, not caring that I was in my father’s pajama pants and my over-sized Pretty Pink Girls Club t-shirt. I rested my hands on her shoulders.

“What’s up?” I asked, slightly irritated.

“I want to see Sumi-Chan but I can’t seem to find him.”

Takara came out of her Ouran covered room. “He probably went out for a walk. He does that in the early morning. He should be back soon though.” She said.

Twila gasped. “We’re supposed to protect him! He can’t go out alone! He had a fun time last night! Doesn’t he know he needs us?”

Takara shrugged. “He always comes back alive so I wouldn’t worry.” She said walking back downstairs and into the kitchen.

Twila followed after her. “I want to know more about him!” she yelled, hopping down the stairs.

I rolled my eyes and went back into my room. I then realized I hadn’t called Miguel last night. I was too wiped out from our Anime district shopping spree to remember that I told him I would call every day. But we texted half of the day so would that count? I sighed. Would he expect me to call or not really care? Why was this so hard? I suddenly heard the door open. I walked down the stairs to an ugly scene of Twila glomping Katsumi.

“Sumi-chan!” she screamed, hugging him and obviously not ready to let go yet.

Blackie appeared beside me in full Goth attire. I jumped slightly. She walked over and pulled Twila off of Katsumi, nearly choking him. Katsumi fell onto the couch in a massive heap of flesh. Twila decided not to jump on him. I walked into the living room, Teddy following behind. Takara flopped next to Katsumi. My agent team came to the front.

“We have all decided that we are taking you guys….” Started Blackie.

“TO THE BEACH!” we all said in unison, plus jazz hands.

Takara and Katsumi continued to look unfazed. Takara got up. “That sounds fun. Come on Katsumi, Let’s go get our swimsuits on.” She said, dragging Katsumi’s lifeless heap of flesh up the stairs.

About an hour later, all of our stuff had been gathered into the car and everyone was in their bathing suits, we loaded up and headed out to the beach nearest to Tokyo, which wasn’t too far. We got one of the chauffeurs to drive us there. As soon as we reached Kamakura beach we hopped out of the car and found shady spots near the ocean. I set down our beach towels and sprayed on everyone’s sunscreen. Blackie, Teddy and I stayed behind while Twyla, Katsumi and Takara played in the water. I smiled. Everyone looked so happy. Was I happy? Well, I guess, who wouldn’t be? I’m at the beach with my best friends and not to mention new friends. The only thing missing was Miguel. I sighed. It was only the second day and I missed him already? Wow, the right guy can have a huge impact on you. I stared out at the ocean. I guess being a super spy pays off after all. If you exclude the parts about being away from your boyfriend for short periods of time and missing tons of school. That reminds me. What had the S.H.Q done about our school work and missed days anyway? Knowing them they probably sent in replacements to not arouse suspicion. Teddy looked to me and smiled.

“Let’s go get some ice cream. They will defiantly be tired after jumping around in that water all day.” I nodded and got up. We told Blackie to stay where she was and we went to the nearest ice cream stand.

He leaned up against the bar as I ordered the ice cream. Teddy gazed slightly over at Blackie, her pale Goth skin probably burning from the over sun exposure. He sighed.

“Hey Sari.” He said, tapping me on the shoulder. “What do you think Blackie thinks of me?” he asked his eyes wide with concern.

I stared up at him. What would a girl not think of him? I mean, he’s a huge teddy bear. Most girls I know adore the hug marshmallow types and who wouldn’t kill to see a guy in swim trunks. I almost barfed. EW! Teddy was like my big brother. I sighed and looked out Blackie. “Why do you ask?” I said, grabbing the ice cream cones. I handed some to Teddy so that he could carry them.

He shrugged. “I’m getting mixed signals, ya know. I mean, you’re a girl, so I would think you would know.”

I smiled. “Don’t worry. She’ll come around.”

Once we walked back to the beach towels, Takara, Katsumi and Twila were nearly sleeping. Twila laughed dryly.

“That was fun…Wasn’t it Sumi-Chan?” she said, looking to Katsumi who was sitting next her.

He nodded and pulled out his sheet of Pokémon stickers from Takara’s beach bag, put one on himself and gave Twila one. Twila beamed, and I could see from her face that she was going to scream any second. I handed them their Ice cream and they licked away. It was our turn to jump into the water and let Takara, Katsumi and Twila watch our beach towels.

“Wow.” was all we could say once we got back to the Ikeda house that night. Everyone hopped up the stairs, except for Blackie and Teddy who stayed behind. I smiled and hopped up the stairs. Twila was making racket in Katsumi’s room, turning up the sound on Katsumi’s DS all the way up, so that she could hear everything that was going on the game. Takara was on the phone, talking to what sounded like her parents. I walked into my room and sat down in the chair, my black hair still wet from all the running and swimming around in the water I did that day. Then I texted Miguel.

MissIndian34- Miguel? You there?

It took a few minutes for him to respond but I expected that. I mean, we were in Japan after all.

MrMexico54- Sari! What’s up?

MissIndian34- Were you expecting me to call last night?

MrMexico54- No, not really. We texted half of the day anyways. ^-^

MissIndian34- So are you going to ask me about what I did today?

MrMexico34- Oh, right. A good boyfriend does that right?

MissIndian34- Yep. Anyways, we went to the beach today…

MrMexico54- Without me?

MissIndian34- What??  Anyways, Teddy asked me what I thought Blackie thought of him, I wasn’t exactly sure and he was all ‘I mean, you’re a girl so I thought you would know. I’m getting mixed signs, ya know?’ I just nodded and said ‘It’ll all work out.’ because I wasn’t exactly sure what to say. I mean, Teddy and Blackie are both my friends, the first people I met in S.H.Q…. Besides Lisa that is.

MrMexico54-*nods* Ah….

MissIndian34- They’re both downstairs so I hope things work out.

MrMexico54- It should. I gotta go now, my mom’s calling me and she’s always yelling at me for texting at the table.

MissIndian34- lol. OK.

I closed my phone and walked downstairs.

“Teddy, I…”

I heard.  I stayed close to the steps, to avoid being seen. I really hated spying on my friends but it was for their own good. Or was it?

“I know in school we pose as a couple. Posing, pretending that’s fun but….I really don’t think….I like you that way.”

I gasped, and then put my hand over my mouth. There was a whole lot of silence then Teddy finally spoke.

“Oh. Oh ok. Sorry, If I was…You know…Putting you in an awkward position….I just want to let you know, I really like you and I would be ok with it if you just wanted to be friends.” Said Teddy and he marched towards the steps.

I gasped again then swiftly jumped behind a nearby table and watched him pass. I looked above the rim and saw Blackie as she sat on the couch and made a face which looked like she was thinking. Before Teddy made it up the stairs, she ran after him pulled him around and forcefully kissed him. I tried not to gasp again and really felt like I was invading some private matter. My spy sense forced me to continue and watch. Teddy smiled, pulled away, and then walked back up the stairs.

“‘Night Blackie.” He said, with another smile and walked into his room.

Blackie waved and turned around, her face was as red as a tomato, considering her horribly pale skin. I tried not to laugh. I mean, Blackie was so serious. I wouldn’t expect such an impulsive move from her. Now here was the really problem, how was I going to get away? Blackie was still here and I wasn’t sure if Teddy was in his room yet. Argh!

Possible Situations

a)      Me: *walks out of hiding spot*

Blackie: S…Sari? What were you doing behind the table?

Me: I uh…My phone fell back there and I was going to find it…Here it is! *laughs a bit*

Blackie: *laughs a bit* Alright. Good Night.

That doesn’t sound too bad….If I get past Blackie what will happen if I run into Teddy?

A:b) Teddy: Sari? Were you downstairs just now?

Sari: What? No…of course not.

Teddy: Then why were you just walking up the stairs?

Sari: I was actually looking for my cell…

Teddy: Right, right.

Sari: Well, I’ll see you later

Teddy: Right, right.

Wouldn’t that be slightly awkward? I shrugged. Worth a shot. I walked out from behind the table. Blackie turned even redder.

“S…Sari? What were you doing?” she asked.

“Uh….Looking for my cell….He he…Here it is!” I said pulling it from my back pocket.

Blackie looked suspiciously to me. “You didn’t just see what happened?”

I shook my head. “What? What happened?” I said, trying to sound as innocent as possible.

Blackie smiled. “Never mind.  Good night, Sari.” She said, walking up the steps.

I breathed a breath of relief and walked behind her. I was so glad she didn’t suspect anything. Before, I was able to walk into my room; Katsumi came outside and grabbed me.

“Katsumi! What was that for?” I said, wiggling out of his grip. He didn’t say anything but wrote it down on a piece of paper.

What’s up with Twi-chan? I can’t seem to shake her off of me.

“She likes you, Katsumi. Haven’t you noticed it?” I said, with a smile then got up. I always sucked into the relationship problems don’t I? But two people coming to me in one day? That’s just nuts!! Katsumi stared at me like I was crazy, then turned red. He pulled me back down next to him.

I heard you have a boyfriend. What’s it like, you know…being in a relationship?

Bits and Pieces

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Here’s a piece of a story I’m writing.

Title: Unknown at this time.


“Milly?! Milly!” young Mallory Foster yelled as she hobbled through the Foster Mansion on one shoe.

Her mom, Stephanie Foster, was carrying the boarders laundry. “Hey kiddo!” she said, ruffling her hair with her free hand.

The Foster Mansion served as a boarding house for many people, basically anyone who showed up at their door.

“Hey Steph. Where’s Milly? I need my other shoe in order to go to school.” she said pointing angrily at the one black Mary Jane on her foot.

“The last time I checked she was in the den.”

Milly was basically Mallory’s other guardian besides her mom. Though Milly was 10 years older than her they acted like sisters. Mallory gave her mom a kiss on the cheek before hobbling down the winding staircase into the den.

“Milly!” she yelled.

“Huh..oh.” said Milly as she sat up on the huge leather couch, a Navajo blanket draped over her. Her huge blond hair was out of control. “What is it, Mall?” she said her hair bobbing with her body movement.

“You stole my other shoe.”

“No I didn’t.”

“Milly, you are such a bad liar. I’ll choose a different pair of shoes but I better have both my shoes in my closet by the time I get home.” she threatened and she hobbled back up the stairs.

Milly smile and brought the shoe out from underneath the blanket. Too bad Mallory was already out the door.

“And then she lied…..horribly!” said Mallory, throwing up her hands.

Zenon, the tech girl of Stefano’s School of the Educationally Talented, or as the students and everyone else outside of it called it Richie’s Smart School, shook her head. “Whatev, Mall. You worry too much. Even though Richie is your great grandfather, we aren’t exactly the most popular people in the school. That is what we need to focus on.”

Mallory rolled her eyes. “Migosh, Ze. You can be so naive.”

Even though she was naive about these kinds of things, Zenon was in tune with all the technology news. In fact she was the one who ordered the new computers for the computer lab. The principal didn’t know how to work his overhead for a school presentation and Zenon fixed it with the wiring and everything. “Well If I were you, I’d focus on the Victorian Ball. I heard it’s supposed to be wicked.”

“We should help plan it.”

Zenon gave Mallory a look. “Mall. Did you not just hear a word I said. We’re not that popular. How can we help plan something that is planned by popular people only.” she slammed her hand into her other palm.

“Some people achieve popularity over night.” Mallory said over confidently. She fixed her hair in a wall mirror, and walked down the hall to history, her natural red curls bouncing with her movement. She opened the door and walked into her next class. Zenon stood there, staring into space, utterly confused.

“Yo Steph, Milly. I’m home!” Mallory yelled as she plopped her book bag onto the living room table.

Carla, a boarder at the Foster estate smiled. “Hello Mallory.” she said, her voice thick with a Russian accent.

“Hey Carla.” Mallory chomped into a granola bar. “You seen Stephanie or Milly?’

She shook her head. “They left to buy food at the super market. They will be back.”

Mallory nodded then hopped up the stairs to the Foster library which doubled as Mallory’s bedroom. They had done some renovations to make sure Mallory was cozy in the room. She hopped into her old brown leather desk chair and opened her email. Just then she heard a howling. More like someone trying to be scary and failing….horribly. Mallory’s eyes widened as she turned around. A silhouette appeared.

“AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!” she screamed as she fell out of her chair.

A young voice began to speak. “I told you shouldn’t have done that. Now we’ve frightened her.”

A second voice spoke. “What else was I supposed to do Tap her on the shoulder and say ‘Hi! I’m the ghost of your great grandfather who lived in this very room!’?”

Mallory’s breathed sped up as she backed up against a wall. The younger ghost floated toward Mallory.

“Don’t be scared, sweetheart.” she said. “We’re here to help.”

“What are you doing in my bedroom.” Mallory managed to squeak as she trembled, unsure of what to do.

The younger one looked more like a house maid than anything. Her hair was pulled into a messy ponytail shifted to the side. The older one resembled a grandpa way over his years. He held the hand of a little boy, his clothes soiled with mud and his thumb, securely in his mouth.

“Why don’t you sit down? You should feel better by then.”

Mallory scooted over to her bed and took a seat.  Her breathing slowed down as the ghosts introduced themselves.

“My name’s Arabia.” said the house maid. “This is Gramps and this is little Andy.”

Mallory stared at the ghost family unsure of what to say.

“We have come to help you. A distress call was sent earlier this morning.” Arabia’s face was stressed with worry.

“Uh…..I don’t remember sending a distress call to the land of the dead.”

“Yes.” said Arabia, making sure Mallory got her point. “Today. Something about a Victorian ball. You wanted to help plan it?”

“Right.” said Mallory, recalling her conversation with Zenon. “I was just joking about that.

“Well too bad.” said Gramps, joining in. “Once we’ve been called from the dead, we can’t go back unless we complete our mission. Unfortunately, that mission is you.”

Mallory frowned. “Ok, but tell me how you became deceases and why little Andy is with you.” she said, patting her lap.

Andy floated over and sat on her lap. Well he sat as much as a ghost can actually sit on anything. Arabia took a seat in the brown leather desk chair and Gramps took a seat on the floor next to her.

“As you know, I’m Richie as the young people would call me.” Gramps began. “I founded Stefano’s School of the Educationally Talented. Then one night I noticed Arabia. A young maid without a care in the world.”

Arabia smiled slightly and fanned herself.

“She noticed me and it was love at first sight. We knew our parents enough to know that they would disapprove so we married in secret, had Andy and ran away from the estate. On our runaway we got shot and killed by a bounty hunter that was hot on our trail. The rest is history.”

Just then Mallory heard the front door open. She panicked and got up. “Uh…Can ghosts hide and stuff? cause my mom and my legal guardian are going to come up here to check on me any minute and..”

Arabia set a comforting hand on Mallory’s shoulder. “Calm down. We’re only visible to the mission so no one can see us except for you and maybe your friend, Zemoria?”

“Zenon. I’m still not taking any chances. I’m going downstairs.”

Mallory slid down the railing and came face to face with her guardians. “Steph! Milly!” she yelled embracing then both in a huge hug.

They were crushed in a huge bear hug as Mallory tried to stall.

“Hey kiddo.” said Stephanie, slipping from Mallory’s grasp.

Milly gave Mallory an awkward look. “What do you want? Usually when you’re this nice to me you want something.”

“Come to think of it I would really like my shoe back.”


“From this morning?”

“Oh yeah, right. I….uh….lost it.”

“You what?” Mallory nearly screamed.

Stephanie interjected. “She did not. We just bought you a new pair. Take them up to your room and see how they fit.”

Mallory cringed at the idea of going back upstairs and put on a fake smile. “Ok.”

When she went back into her room, Arabia, Gramps, and Andy were sitting on her bed in plain sight.

“You’re still here?”

“Yes. We can help you achieve popularity.”

Mallory gave Arabia a confused look. “Um…ok. Then do what you need to do cause my mom is making dinner in 5 minutes.”

They all smiled then disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Mallory smiled as the student body followed after her the nest day at school. Zenon ran after  Mallory, her Mac under her arm.

“Of course. I’d love to plan the Victorian Ball.” Mallory said not trying to sound smug. “Now shoo.”

Zenon huffed and puffed as she finally caught up with Mallory. “Mall. Ease up on the popularity please.”

The student body dispersed except a boy. His fiery red hair sat on top of his head like it was on fire. His dark skin glowed slightly. You wouldn’t have noticed if you hadn’t looked very carefully. Not like Mallory was. She didn’t even know the guy.

“Hello there, Mallory Foster.” he said, as if he knew her whole life story already.

Mallory jumped when he came up behind her.

“Ohmigosh! Oh…hi.”

“The names Roy.”

Mallory gave him a polite smile. “Yeah. Why exactly have you come to talk to me?” she said then added. “Not to be rude or anything.”

“You look like you have a problem.” he said, his gaze fixed on Mallory. “A ghost problem.”

Mallory’s face went pasty whit and she burst into hysterics. “What? What? Ghost problems? HAHAHAHAHAHA! No, no, no. I don’t have any problems, none the less ghost problems. Ghosts aren’t real, silly. Where did you get that idea?” Mallory said, all at once.

Roy narrowed his eyes at her suspiciously. “Ok, Foster. I see how it is.” he gets up. “Number 1, I’ll be watching you.” then his voice lowers to a whisper. “Number 2, I can sense your fondness of me.” he said, quietly and he walks away.

Roy’s last comment made Mallory’s face go from pasty white to the reddest red that ever existed. She screamed. “The nerve of that guy! He thinks I like him and I just met him! Argh! I hate that guy!”

Zenon put her hand on Mallory’s shoulder then stopped in mid-air.

“What? Ze? Earth to Ze? You there?” Mallory asked, waving her hand in front of Zenon’s fact that was frozen with fear. “M….m…Mall?” she asked/stuttered. “D…do you see that?”

Mallory looked ahead. Who was floating in front of the pair? None other than the Foster ghosts of course!

“Them? Oh, That’s Arabia, Gramps and Andy.” she said, not caring how freaky she looked pointing and almost talking to thin air.

Zenon’s face was still frozen.

“Why are you guys here?” Mallory whisper hissed.

“We told you. We are only visible to the mission. Now stop talking. Students are giving you creepy stares.” said Arabia, eyeing the innocent passersby.

Mallory rolled her eyes. “Fine, but don’t do anything stupid.” she said walking away, dragging Zenon with her.

Mallory tried to keep her cool every time she passed Roy in the hall. His smug face made her want to scream. She passed him too many times in fact. Everywhere she turned, he was there. Why couldn’t he just leave her alone? Mallory brought Zenon and the ghost family home with her.

“Hey kiddo.” said Stephanie, when Mallory opened the door. Mallory didn’t even try to smile. Zenon had recovered from her ghost-o-phobia and smiled. “Hello, Miss Foster.” she said.

Stephanie smiled. “Hello Zenon. Mallory had a rough day?”

Zenon gave her a look that said, ‘You don’t even know the half of it.’

Agent Smiley- A Short Story

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I didn’t expect any of this as I walked into the innocent looking high school. I mean it was quiet, too quiet. Yes, I know every single spy movie uses that line but it was way too quiet. Maybe class was in session. I check the rooms and nobody was there. Suddenly as I was walking down the long narrow hallway, a big hole appeared under me and I fell with a thud into an awkwardly small room.

            “State your name please.” Said a feminine voice.

            I shuddered at her sudden appearance. “Uh…Uh…Sari.” I stammered. My teeth clattered sending an echo through the room.

            “Ok. I just wanted to make sure.” Said the feminine voice again.

            I heard her push a button then a curtain lifted, to reveal high tech head quarters of some sort. There were flashing screens and blinking lights, nearly causing me to go blind.

            “Welcome to S.H.Q.” the women stated. She had on a black jumpsuit, complete with ultra stylish utility belt and high heeled combat boots. “I’m Lisa, the head tech at S.HQ.”

            I stared at her for a minute, soaking in the information like a sponge.

            “S.H.Q stands for Spy Head Quarters. We have a base here under Ullman Bridge High.” She said, walking me through the extremely bright HQ. She pushed another button and then another door opened to reveal a huge open space, with a bunch of kids that looked my age engaging in combat and sitting in corners listening to wise-looking teachers talk about who knows what.

            I finally spoke up. “W…w…Why exactly am I here?” I glanced around frantically as Lisa continued to walk through the hall.

            She laughed slightly and smiled at me. “Because……You’ve been chosen to train here at S.H.Q. Your only one of the few teenagers we let into the academy!”

            “Wow….” I mumbled as she came to a stop. She opened the door. “Wow….” I mumbled again. It was exactly like my room with the addition of an extra bed.

            “You know your mom and dad were partners in the S.H.Q high school training program.” She gave me a comforting smile.

            I smiled back as I remembered my mom and dad. My mom and dad had lived in India briefly. There they had me, and then they were killed one night while they were walking home from a party, downtown. Or so that’s what the authorities had said when they had taken me back to the U.S. and raised me. I wanted the whole story. Not some made up tale to keep me from the truth.

            “Lisa?” I asked sitting on the bed closest to the computer and the window. “How did my parents die?”

            “Well…..Your mother and father were sent on a mission in India. They had you then went about their secret agent business. One night when they were walking home a rebel of the S.H.Q intoxicated them with poison.”

            I looked at Lisa; my eyes were beginning to water. She hugged me and I poured tears onto her suit, although they came right off. She gave me another comforting smile then we got up. I wiped my semi-wet eyes.

            “Well come on. You can’t be late for your new student orientation, now can you?” she said. We walked towards the door.

            We walked back through the hallway and into the room that used to be full of students in combat gear. Everyone was just settling in, so I slid into a seat. Unfortunately, that was the seat in-between a gothic looking girl in all black, complete with black hair and hot pink streaks. On the other side was a normal looking guy with extremely tan skin, bushy brown hair, a green striped hoodie and surfer shorts. I gave a weak smile to both of them then sunk down in my seat. Little did I know that I would have to bond with them because they were my new combat buddies.

            “No, NO NO!!” Blackie screamed at me the next day as I attempted a flip kick. Here’s what happened.

            Yesterday after the orientation, Blackie (The Goth girl) and Teddy (the guy in surfer shorts) both turned to me in unison, big smiles pasted on their faces.

            “Hi!” they said in unison. I cringed at their over-the-top perkiness.

            “First of all….” Started Teddy. “Your name is Smiley. Agent Smiley to be exact. My name is Teddy and this is Blackie.” He said gesturing towards the gothic looking girl next to me. “We will be your combat buddies.”

            I stared at him, then at Blackie then back at him again. ‘WHY!!!???’ I screamed in my mind. On my face I let a smile creep up on my cheeks. “Great. When do we start?”

            And that brings you up to speed.

            I sighed as I brought my leg down. In S.H.Q academy flip kicks are what they call “Beginning training”.

            I looked to Teddy, who was in a corner, reading a comic book and snacking on chips, hoping to get some sympathy from him. He caught my gaze and shrugged.

            “OK!” yelled Blackie. “Drill again!” That’s all she did. Scream and yell and yell and scream.

 I sighed with relief when the lunch bell rang. I stared at Teddy, long and hard. “You could have helped me, ya know.” I said simply.

Teddy shrugged. “I can’t interfere with your training sessions. It’s an S.H.Q academy rule.”

After lunch, I felt refreshed and ready to take on anything Blackie threw at me. Little did I know that Blackie would literally be throwing things at me.

“AHHHH!” I screamed as I got hit in the head with a giant stuffed bear that slightly reminded me of Teddy.

“Block the attack! Block! Block!” screamed my combat buddy. She seemed more like my drill sergeant. “Not everything on the field will be soft and stuffed with fluff! Go again!”

This went on for another 3 hours. (Long, painful, agonizing hours!) Then I went to my room. I sighed and fell asleep without eating dinner or meeting my new roommate.

I woke up the next morning, someone unpacking bags. I sat up; my eyes cracked opened and stared at the bed across from mine. The girl looked up at me, and then jumped slightly.

“I’m sorry.” She said quietly. Her skin was a beautiful shade of brown, her hair was dark red.

“No.” I said, rubbing the sleep from my eyes. “It’s ok. I’m Sari.”

“Hi.” She said giving me a soft smile. “I’m Twyla.”

I smiled back and she went back to unpacking. I liked her already and I didn’t even know her.

I and Twila met up with Blackie and Teddy, in the hall outside of Lisa’s head office.

“Hey Smiley.” Teddy greeted me.

I waved. “Hi. Do you know why Lisa wants us?”

Blackie shook her head and shrugged. “Not sure.”

I stared at them for a minute, and then looked to Twyla. “Oh. This is Twyla.” I said gesturing to her. Twyla smiled slightly and kept her mouth shut. Being polite, Blackie and Teddy waved.

Then the door opened with Lisa standing inside the doorway. She was in a black pants suit. “Come in.” she said turning to let us in. We sat in a row of chairs around a large table. Lisa took a seat in the front of the room.

“Welcome to the S.H.Q meeting room.” She said. “You all know each other very well except for agent Mouse. She is a returning student from last year’s graduating class. I have seen your teamwork and have decided to promote you to field agents.

I bounced up and down when Lisa said that, but Teddy pressed my shoulder down, gesturing for me to stop.

“When you are on the field, you act like normal students of Ullman Bridge High. But, I will need you to do extra spying to make sure nothing evil is going on. Got it?”

We all said yes in unison, but my voice sounded like a mouse squeak.

“Any question? None? Alright then.” She said before any of us could respond. She led us into a room, filled to the brim with high tech equipment, from the world’s smallest laptop to 3-D tech glasses. We stopped at the main desk where Lisa already had 4 backpacks all with our name on them. Blackie’s was black and pasted with skulls and bones.

“Sweet.” Said Blackie as she picked up her backpack and lung it over her shoulder.

Mine was blue and it had gold Indian embroidery all over it. I smiled and took my backpack. Teddy’s was a collage of various cartoon characters. Last but not least was Twyla’s pink over the shoulder bag with one of those varsity logos on them.

“In these packs…” Lisa began. “Are obviously text books and notebooks and other school necessities. Along with that there is the top secret agent gear, so that you’re equipped with the right stuff in case an emergency occurs.”

We all rummaged through our bags till we found secret pockets, which looked almost bigger than the bag itself.

Lisa demonstrated and pulled various gadgets and gizmos from her sample pack. “Here is your mini spy computer disguised as an MP3 player.” She said holding up one of those cool looking Zune MP3’s. “A first issue all around spy communicator disguised as a cell phone.” She pulled out a phone that doubled as a text messenger. “Lots of other stuff is in these secret pockets but I can’t show them all to you right now. Ullman Bridge High will open its doors tomorrow at 8:00. Any questions?”

Everyone shook their heads and Lisa looked satisfied. “Good.” She said and she pressed another button. Before we knew it we were back in our rooms.

Twyla looked a little sick. I walked over to where she was sitting on her side of the room. “Hey Mouse.” I said using her agent name. “You ok?”

Twyla pursed her lips and nodded. “I just haven’t been to a real school before. I was raised and I grew up here in S.H.Q. My dad was the head of all operations here, and my mom was his partner in fighting crime. When he died, my mom has been expecting me to rise up in my daddy’s footsteps and become the head of operations as well. I mean, I love this field of work but I just haven’t gotten to be normal for once.”

“Don’t worry.” I said in a comforting tone. “I’ll help you. You’ve got Blackie and Teddy as well.”

Twyla smiled and hugged me. “Thanks, Sari.” She said.

I hugged her back. “No prob.” I said as I got up and head to the bathroom. “I’m going to take a shower and get to bed. You might want some rest as well, rests the nerves.” I said sending her a comforting smile before I disappeared behind the door.

I woke up, yawning the next morning. Twyla was already up when I checked the clock.

“Oh no.” I muttered as I read the time. “7:40.” I rushed out of bed and threw on some of my mom’s old clothes that she had as a teenager. Her whole wardrobe was still here. Luckily, I was almost the same size. I put on her flowy Indian shirt, a pair of jeans with jewels all over it and a newly bought pair of sequined ballet flats. I fixed my hair and was out the door by 7:53. Blackie, in her usual Goth attire, Teddy, in his usual hoodie and surfer shorts, and Twyla, in a mock soccer jersey and soccer shorts, were all waiting for me at the teleport spot. Since, we lived right under the high school, we teleported into the school through the bathroom, thanks to the S.H.Q head tech.

They all waved and shouted as I ran to the girl’s side of the teleport. We teleported into the school. The halls were already filled with students when we walked out the bathroom doors. As If we had pre-rehearsed it, we all took our schedules out of our bags and began to read. Along with this were folders and student ID cards for our aliases we would undergo while we were students at Ullman Bridge High.

“Alexis Kazambe.” Read Twila out loud as she adjusted to her new name.

I looked to her and smiled. Then I read my name. “Kristanya Mackintosh? Who comes up with these names?”

“I shall be called Lacey McHenry from now on.” declared Blackie, as she walked off into the crowd of students sticking out like a sore thumb.

“Wait up, Lacey!” yelled Teddy, as he raced after Blackie. He left us a note, too lazy to say his name out loud. The note read:

Name: Chris Tucker

Posing as Lacey’s boyfriend.

When we read the last line, I and Twi- I mean Alexis burst into laughter. “Let’s see how long he can put up with this.” I said. “Come on. We have a class to get to.”

This is where things get complicated. Like “I-met-the-sweetest-boy-and-he-might-like-me” kind of complicated. I know you might be thinking “Oh gosh. Another teen/spy love story?” but bear with me, because this is way different than anything you have ever read before.

Twila and I walked into our homeroom, unsure of what would happen that day. The teacher looked to us with a stern glare. “Your late.” She sated, sounding as if she’d crush us if we didn’t find a seat within the next 5 seconds.

We rushed to two seats in the back of the room and the teacher took her glare from us to a nerdy looking boy sitting in the front row.

“High School.” She said, over exaggerating. “What does this word mean to you?”

With my acute hearing, I heard a paper slide across my desk. I looked at the teacher who was continuing to lecture the class. A pretty girl in the front raised her hand.

“Did I ask you a question, Ms. Nelson?” she yelled in the girl’s face. I’m pretty sure I could feel the spray from her overly used mouth all the way in the back The girl backed up and shuddered slightly. She shook her head frantically.

“Thank you.” She said backing off the girl and scanning the room for another victim to yell at. “It’s a cold world people. You will not be sheltered by loving arms of your teachers anymore, kiddies. Freshmen mean Fresh meat!”

I could have sworn that her voice turned gargantuan and she started cackling after she said that. Either that or she smiled menacingly.

Anyways, she passed out papers. “Your homework is to fill this sheet out. What you put on here will be held in your permanent record.” I think she did the cackling thing again.

I waited until she went back to the front of the room to open the note.

“Dear girl in the back of the room.” It read in a scraggly handwriting that made it difficult for me to read. “You look like a nice person. Let’s meet near the vending machine during lunch period. From a person you haven’t met yet.”

I searched the room looking for someone who may have sent me this. I pulled out my MP3 disguised as a mini computer and inserted the note into the identification slot. One of the perks of being a teen spy is you can identify the handwriting of a “Secret admirer” without having to find out the hard way. I pulled out the original sheet of paper and a piece of paper printed from the computer. The teacher shot me a devious look so I put the results back in my bag. The bell rang and Twila came up to me.

“I see you got a note.” She said eyeing my bag.

“Yeah. I don’t know who it’s from yet because I didn’t check the results from my MP3.” I said lowering my voice. We walked through the halls and found Blackie and Teddy (aka-Lacey and Chris) Teddy ran down the hall, pulling Blackie along with him.

“Guys!” he said, trying to catch his breath. “Lisa…*cue panting*…found….*cue panting*”

Blackie rolled her eyes. “Migosh. Lisa found something of interest under the school and wants us to check it out.”

Twila’s face lit up. “Coolio. Can we go now?”

I shook my head. “I have to meet someone at the vending machine during lunch period.”

“Whatev.” Said Blackie, shrugging it off. “We’ll fill you in on it later.” She walked back down the hall she came, dragging an awfully tired looking Teddy along with her.

Twila frowned, gave me a hug, then followed behind them, leaving me alone.

A few minutes later I was standing at the vending machine, waiting for my mystery person. I took out the results and studied them closely. Apparently, it was a guy, around my age, played the guitar and struggles terribly in English due to poor handwriting. I watched as a boy walked closer to me, carrying a bunch of books on Shakespeare. I hurried over.

“Here let me help you.” I said, grabbing some of the books.

He smiled. “Thanks. The name’s Miguel by the way.” He put the books down on a nearby table.

“Nice to meet you. I’m Sar-I mean Kristanya.” I said catching myself.

“You must’ve gotten my message. Sorry for being so scrective this morning. Ms. Burrow really has it out for me.”

I nodded. “She seems like she has it out for everybody. Why do you have all these books on Shakespeare?” I asked, although I knew full well why.

“I’m failing English and have to do some extra credit. I was born in Mexico.”

“That’s cool. I was born in India.” As soon as we found something in common the lunch bell rang.

“Well, I gotta go now. Mr. Horowitz will kill me if I don’t get to class.”

“Ok.” I said. I took out a piece of paper and wrote my number on it. “Give me a call sometime.” He took it and put it in his back pocket. “Thanks.”

I waved good-bye as I left the lunch room. There is no way this day could go wrong.

Boy, was I wrong! When I walked into the bathroom and teleported back to S.H.Q a muddy group of familiar looking teens bore they’re eyes into my skull.

“Hey guys.” I said cautiously. “What’s up?”

“Why don’t you check in with Lisa to see what’s up.” Said Blackie, her arms folded and hip cocked.

I cautiously stepped into Lisa’s office. “Hello? My field agent partners told me to see you.”

A voice immediately replied. “I would like to ask….Where were you while your field agent partners were wading in mud, fending off evil minons of the anti-government?”

My gaze turned from the darkness of her office to the floor. “Well, I was meeting with a person from my homeroom class—“ Lisa cut me off.

“Even though you are enrolled in school that doesn’t mean it takes priority over your mission work.”

“Sorry, Lisa.” I said, meekly.

“I’ll let it go this time. Make sure this doesn’t happen again ok?”

“Got it.”

Before I left she hugged me. “Just be careful. I promised your mom I would take good care of you.”

I smiled. “Thanks, Lisa.” I hugged her back. I left and walked back to my room where Twila was drying off her hair.

“Hey.” I said quietly as I made my way over to my side of the room.

Twila looked at me.

“Hey. Lisa gave you a lecture?”

“Naw. She just said to make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

“Who did you have to meet?” she just kept pelting me with questions.

“A guy from homeroom.”

“Just don’t abandon us like that. We really needed you.”

I shrugged and snuggled into my bed.

“Oh and by the way Blackie can hold a real grudge. Teddy is softer so he wasn’t that angry.”

The next morning I walked through the hall. Everyone seemed to be against me. Without me, Blackie became the leader and everyone in the field followed her orders. Then I heard a voice yelling my name. Well my cover name.

“Kris! Kristanya!”

I looked behind me to see Miguel running towards me, holding a thick book titled ‘Old English made easy’

I smiled. “Hey Miguel!”

He caught up to me. “I tried calling you last night.”

My eyes widened. “Uh, yeah. I had a lot going on at home.” I hated even half lying to him.

“Oh. Ok.”

“More English?” I asked eyeing his book.

He sighed. “Yeah. Do you know a lot of English literature?”

I nodded. “How about I help you.”

“We can meet afterschool.”

“Great. I’ll see you later!” I said. I walked into the bathroom, and tried to contact Twila. I texted her.

MissIndian34- Alexis? You there?

MinnieMouseV2- Yeah. Lacey’s real mad at you.

MissIndian34- Check with her to see if we’ve got anything after school. I’ve gotta meet Miguel.

MinnieMouseV2- Some stuff. Meet at the lounge. Mr. Horowitz is staring’ me down. Bye!

I frowned. I really wanted to know more about him. Then I got an idea and texted Miguel.

MissIndian34- Miguel? It’s Kris. I won’t be able to meet you directly after school. I might be late.

I almost put my phone back in my pocket when I felt a vibration.

MrMexico54- Ok. See ya later.

After school I walked to the school lounge where Blackie, Teddy and Twila stood around the hot chocolate machine. Teddy and Twila’s face lit up when they saw me. Teddy ran towards me and consumed me into a big bear hug.

“Krissy! You made it!” I smiled and looked to Twila she gave me a slight smile while Blackie turned the other way. “Let’s get going.” She said walking out the exit door, while the rest of us followed.

In a minute, we were crouched behind the wall that was guarding the anti-government base. Blackie had scouted the area, a few minutes before to see if anyone was around. My plaid skirt was riding up on me. We were disguised as a group of private school kids, on a school field trip. Our ‘chaperones’ were on a lunch break. The building was disguised as a town museum “filled to the brim with local history” as quoted on the brochure. Blackie stood up and walked from behind the wall and onto the “Museum” grounds. We followed behind and made fake chatter as we strolled into the lobby.

“I know, right?” I said in my snobbiest voice as I flopped into a chair.

Twila flipped her hair and smacked her gum. She leaned against the wall and planted a listening device. She looked over at Blackie who was talking to the head docent. She turned her head and Twila tapped her watch which doubled as a “Pick-a-lock” It was our signal to say we had planted the listening device.

“Thanks.” She said to the docent. “But we’ll have to get a tour another time. Our chaperons are probably outside ready to yell at us.”

Teddy chuckled as he read a comic book

“Come on guys. Our social studies teacher is probably waiting for us.”

Twila and I ‘gossiped’ as we walked out the door with Teddy trailing behind. As soon as we got in the car, I hopped into the back and changed, for my study date with Miguel. We pulled up to the library, and I got out. Miguel smiled as I walked towards him.

“Hey Kris!” he said as he walked up to me. “You are way later then I expected. The library closed already.”

I looked from Miguel to the dark, eerie looking library. I blushed.

“Oh. Whoops. Sorry about that.”

“It’s ok. We can go to my house. Let me call my mom to see if we can get a ride.”

While he called his mom, I pulled my phone out.

“Twi? You there?” I spoke into the microphone.

“Hey. Aren’t you at the library?” she asked with suspicion.

“Actually, the library’s closed and we’re going to his house.”

“Where’s that?” she asked.

“You’re a super spy. Figure it out yourself.” I hissed into the phone before Miguel turned back to me.

“My mom’s gonna be here in a few minutes. We can get in a little old English before then.”

“Of course. I said as we began combing through his seeming less, countless books.

When we got to his house we walked up the stairs and into his room. I smiled at the many posters covering his walls.

“These are nice.” I said looking at the candy skulls on his desk.

“That was for Dios de los Muertos.” He said with a strong Mexican accent. “Day of the Dead.”

I took a seat on his bead, and he brought his guitar and played a few chords, then went into full song.

“What’s up with me?” he began to sing. “Why can’t I tell her how I feel? Beautiful. Independent. Out of the ordinary. Little Miss Indian.” He looked into my eyes, and I looked back, before we knew it I was engulfed in the aroma of his hot, spicy taco scent, mixed with my peppermint lotion I had put on this morning. The grip on his guitar loosened as we cherished the luxury of our lips touching, our hearts beating, and our feelings for each other grow. Little did I know I was kissing the lips of the enemy.

I woke up the next morning, light and fluttery, literally on cloud nine. I was too busy with my daydreams of Miguel and I kissing over and over to notice the alarm that screamed “Security Breech! Security Breech!” I sat bolt up in my bed when I finally recognized the sound. I looked over expecting to see Twila’s encouraging smile but she wasn’t there. I hopped out of bed and rushed down the hole, and into Blackie’s room. She wasn’t there. Teddy? He was M.I.A as well.

“This can’t be good.” I murmured to myself as I walked from Teddy’s room and into Lisa’s head office. There I saw my best friends and my head mentor, tied up and gagged. Next to them was the leader of the anti-government, Rico Tablia. Beside him was…. “Miguel?” I yelled. I rushed over to him but Rico’s goons held me back.

“Ahahahahaha!” Rico cackled, his menacing voice echoling harshly. “Looks like I’ve found your weakness, Agent Smiley.” He said, using my code name. “Just to inform you, little Miguel here is my son, and soon he will follow in my footsteps and become the next leader of the anti-government!” he declared then cackled again.

The girl in me wanted to burst into tears, on the inside I was hurt and devastated at the lies he told me. The super spy on the outside told me to wipe away my emotions no matter how devastated I was. I took deep breath and did a flip kick on one guard holding me. I slammed the second one to the ground and soon after that more goons came after me. I kicked, I chopped, I even used my hair band as a lethal weapon until all of them were down. I ran towards my teammates and Lisa. I pulled out my mirror which doubled as a swiss army knife and cut the ropes and gags and soon they were all up on their feet.

“Good work, Agent Smiley.” Teddy said.

He made me smile. Then the Anti-government overlord walked towards the door. “Let us leave you two alone to talk stuff out. You agents can battle me on your own. You’ve got enough experience.”

My field partners and my mentor ran after him leaving me and Migeul alone.

I walked up to him. “Why’d you lie?”

“Why’d YOU lie?” he repeated.

“What was I supposed to say? Hi! My name is Saritoshi and I’m a secret agent working undercover?” I sighed. “I’m sorry.”

“No, I’m sorry. I should’ve told you the truth.”

“You know I would’ve liked you even if you told me you were the son of my enemy.”

Miguel smiled and we hugged. We let got then walked outside to see Teddy, Blackie, and Twila beating up, well, Miguel’s father.

“Good work, Agents.” Said Lisa, completely satisfied with herself.

The police agents came and handcuffed him.

“What are you going to do now?” I asked Miguel.

“I’ll stay with my mom. You can always come over.” He said.

The police came up and told him they would need to interrogate him.

“I’ll get you out.” I said as a smile spread across my face.

Agent Smiley, Sari, out.