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Poppin’ bottles in the ice, like a blizzard;:

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We hopped onto the bus, only to be introduced to Jess, John, and Josh all sitting in a circle on the floor. They turned in unison.
“Hey Kyrstie! I talked to you earlier!” exclaimed Jess.
I smiled. She remembered! “Yeah! How was the show for you?”
“Awesome as always.” Jess said with a glance at John.
I glanced too. Meredith and John seemed to be having some kind of telepathic conversation between them because they were just staring at eachother.
Josh laughed to cut the awkward silence. “I’m Josh Montgomery. The only cool person in this band.”
“Oh! Josh! Kyrstie has the same last name as you!” Jess said, with a little too much enthusiasim.
Josh gasped dramatically. “What? No way! You have become the second coolest person on earth.” he said, holding out his fist.
We fist bumped and I took a seat on the floor next to Jess. Stephen and Harley sat on the floor as well, and Meredith followed suit. She finally said something.
“I’m Meredith, by the way.” she waved a bit but kept eye contact with John.
“Wow. This is the silentest I have ever heard John.” said a voice coming from the back of the bus.
My heart skipped a beat. It was Brian Dales.
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Jess rolled her eyes. “No. John’s been quieter then this. I was there right after his mom gave him the bird and the bees talk.”
Stephen burst into laughter at the memory. “His reaction was priceless!”
Brian seemed to just notice that Meredith and I were here. We’ve been here for five minutes, way to be oblivious.
“Oh. Who are you girls? I’m Brian.”
“This is Kyrstie! And-” Jess was cut off by Josh’s interjection.
“I wanted to introduce her! She’s got the same last name as me!”
John smiled a bit. “And this is Meredith.”
Brian joined our circle on the floor, taking the space next to super snuggly Stephen and Harley. “Great to meet you guys. So you guys are fans?”
I nodded. “Yeah. I met Jess right before the show and we chatted and got a red bull. That show was awesome by the way.”
Brian beamed, totally proud of himself. “Oh, you met Jeff? What a lucky girl you are.”
Jess punched him in the arm and he rubbed his arm and pouted.
I looked around then noticed that John and Meredith had disappered. Way to ditch me, best friend since birth.
“Oh! We’re going to be here for another day!” Josh observed, after looking at a schedule tacked onto a rather cluttered bulletin board.
“That’s awesome! I can show you guys all the cool things there is to do around here!” I said, already excited at the mere thought of spending the day with my favorite band.
“And we can get to know you better.” Brian said with a cute litle wrinkle of his nose.
I smiled. “Yes, yes you can.”
My mom and dad were out of town anyways so I crashed on The Summer Set’s bus. Meredith and John came back at some point in the night. I was too tired to wait for her. The guys made me as comfortable as possible, making a makeshift bed on the couch out of a bunch of Disney patterned fleece blankets and bags of marshmellows for a pillow. I woke up to blasting of Taylor Swift and someone singing along. I opened my eyes and scanned the bus. Brian was being a dork, dancing around in his boxers. Jess threw a pillow at him and he eventually shut up.
At least 10 minutes later the rest of the band was dressed and ready to go except for Stephen.
“He always does this. Imagine living with him.” John complained, sending a giggle out of Meredith.
“You guys can go. I’ll keep watch over him. Just meet us at Walmart in 15 minutes.” Harley said, giving us permission to leave.
I walked around town, Jess linking with one arm, Josh linking with the other. Brian just kind of lagged behind, trying to cool. John and Meredith were telling eachother jokes or something because they kept bursting into laughter.
“You guys! This store is awesome! Come check it out!” Brian exclaimed, planting his face on the store glass.
We walked over. It was a huge display of every Disney movie made to man. Within a minute, he was already in the store, grabbing almost every movie in sight.
“How does he call himself a man?” Josh joked.
“He doesn’t.” Jess said. “We’re not even totally sure he’s male.”
After walking around Walmart and buying tons of stuff to help them stock up for the rest of the tour, all of our stomachs were grumbling.
“Nearest Taco Bell, here we come!” exclaimed John, running ahead with Meredith.
While we were all chowing down on our various Mexican food items, we made small talk.
“So Kyrstie, how old are you?” Brian asked with a mouthfull of bean burrito.
I resisted the urge to giggle by sipping by Coke Zero. “Um, 18.”
“What do you plan on doing with your life since you’re finished with high school?”
“I’m going to John Hopkins to study dermatology. I got a huge scholarship.”
“I want you to be my skin doctor once you get a job!” Josh said.
I laughed. “Oh totally. You have to remind me once I finish college.”
Jess turned to me. “So that means you’ve got the rest of the summer to just chill, right?”
“Yup.” I said with a nod. “But guys will be gone after today. This town is going to be so boring with you guys.”
“Nuh uh! Not if you spend the rest of the summer with us!” suggested Brian.
“What?” I said, totally shocked. Had they seriously just asked me to tour with them. “You guys barely have enough space in that bus as it is anyways. I would just be extra luggage to carry around.”
“No! You’re one of us now, Kyrst.” Jess said, putting an arm around my shoulder.
“So is Meredith! If Kyrstie gets to go on tour, Meredith wants to as well!” John said, drinking a soda he bought from the conveinence store across the street. He refused to buy the sodas here because he believed they were over priced.
“Well then it’s setteled! Kyrstie, Meredith, Welcome to The Summer Set!”

BDales is love. <3

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Edits and shmazbat

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Spirit Week

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